Monday, February 23, 2009

I am not CHEAP

My cell phone is dying after 3 years. For some odd reason I keep trying to breathe new life back into this phone. Last week I had a co-worker update the software. For the most part it corrected one problem but left me with others. Scott says that I am just being cheap because I only want the "free" phone that comes with renewing your plan. I would rather spend money saved on events.... am I wrong people?!!!

With replacing my phone came the need to remove my pictures. Funny how three years of photos can make you laugh.

This man should be wearing a shirt!

Our dog passed out

Why do people put these in their yards? The dog appears to be "going to the bathroom"
2006 - Me, Kenny and Greg (first pix with new phone)

On the training front:
Arrived home last night and hit the road for 6 miles. Pace was even. Weather was perfect. Legs felt great. Why can all the runs not be like this?
I am searching for some interesting yet affordable events to add in the mix this year. I found a marathon that starts at 6pm at night and requires a headlamp to finish. Now that is an adventure right up my alley and did I mention the entry fee is only $20. Maybe I am!
Just for fun here is part of the race disclaimer...
I realize June in North Carolina is hot and humid. Most people and doctors advise against running in heatand humidity. Also, running at night presents special problems such as seeing where you are stepping andwatching out for cars. I understand that this area has specific hazards such as rattlesnakes, copperheads,polecats, wildcats, and rednecks who like to drink and drive and throw things. I know that 26 miles can betough under any conditions but with the possible conditions in this event 26 miles could turn out to be muchmore of a challenge than I expected. Nevertheless, I like to struggle and really, really want to participateregardless of the expected pain or risk.
I love it!! Maybe I should not show this to Scott :)


The Happy Runner said...

Hmmm...I've often wondered about those evening marathons. I think you should do it so you can write about it here!!

YEah, those dogs are weird.

Marlene said...

I love looking at old pics!

A night marathon sounds awesome, ans who can resist twenty bucks??

BeachRunner said...

Yay for new phones, 6 perfect miles, and cheap entry fees! :)

ShirleyPerly said...

I'm cheap too. I finally got a new cell phone end of last year. I had my old one for nearly 5 years and the battery was no longer recharging reliably. Now I can take pictures!

Glad you found an inexpensive marathon to run. Interesting waiver ;-)

Marcy said...

The woman is always right. You are NOT being cheap ;-)

I Run for Fun said...

Funny pics! LOL at the pic of your dog. I agree with you 100% - why spend money on a fancy shmancy cell phone when you can get a free one???

The midnight marathon sounds tough...but bragging rights would definitely be yours!

Runner Mom said...

I just read it--the disclaimer, and you're still crazy...and cheap!!!!! Puleeze get that phone!!!!!!! This is getting a tad bit old, chickadee!!! I may have to call Scott, and we take care of it for you!!!


RunToFinish said...

ok i always wait until i can get the free phone. i have other thigns on which i really want to spend money, the little thing i hold to my ear..not it. that being said i know people love their iphones and that's great.. i won't pay for that cell pla either!

Anonymous said...

That disclaimer is too funny.

Chris said...

cheap is really only another way is saying that you are economically savvy! :-)

Nick said...

You are hilarious.
I think of ways all the time to cut corners and "be cheap" so I can have money for gear and races.... and of course my High Maintenance Wife. : )
I once decided to eat nothing but cereal for a solid month just so I could afford my trip to NY City.

Stuart said...

$20 I'm in, oh wait $300 airfare and $100 hotel...hmm!

Ryan said...

What in the world is a polecat and should I be concerned of those as a new resident of NC?

Shannon said...

That last race sounds fun. My hubby sent me a link about an adventure race in April. I'll have to blog about it.

My renewal for my phone is in March, I'm CHEAP and definitely going to wheedle my buying power to get a free upgrade.

Bob - said...

looks like its time for that new phone huh .... way to go on registering for that night marathon.

Hope to see u guys at Umstead, it's going to be an awesome time. I am having a slight arch--grrr issue, going to rest it for a few days.

Lets touch base next week & Catch up a bit .

Journey to a Centum said...

Hey! I'm still alive but I've been very busy with work and.... facebook.

My running buddy Steve dropped his cell phone into a urinal right after flushing it. It got drenched before he could retrieve it. As it was sitting on the bathroom counter I called him. I was in a remote section on the panhandle of Idaho calling from my car. I could barely hear him as his voice was muffled and actually sounded like he was underwater. The phone eventually dried out and while it had it's quirks he tells me it's starting to work better and better the longer it has time to dry out. I'd say you're practical. I'd call Steve cheap for not replacing his phone after dropping it in a urinal.

Night running can be fun but those rednecks throwing things and driving drunk should be a very real concern. We have a relay here in Washington that runs along a highway at night. The shoulder is very narrow and the pulp trucks driving from the lumber mills don't yield an inch. I've got two friends that have been hit by things thrown from cars. One was a bottle that hit my X-Marine friend. It's a good thing he didn't get his hands on the teens that tossed it. The other friend got hit by two water balloons. I think she was hurt more. I couldn't believe the size of the bruises that they left. At first she thought she had been shot.

OK... I'll write another post soon to catch up on the running and other stuff I've been doing lately .