Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Planning Your Food

Today I found myself reading another great post from Wes. All about detoxing and eating better. Leads me to my post today.

Several weeks ago, as a family, we set out to put a new meal day plan in place. Mainly because we were all burnt out on the same thing week after week. This task is much easier when everyone is on board. It is pretty simple. Figure out the calories needed and then divide them into 3 meals and 2 – 3 snacks. It was all about planning and not waiting until the last minute to figure out what you need to eat. Mainly the biggest change was eating tons more fresh veggies and less processed foods. We also found that by having the right size portion meats gave us a satisfied full feeling without being overstuffed. After 8 weeks of this it has became natural and no longer a thought out task for me. We know what we need, how much of it, and when we need it.

Example of my meal day menu:
Breakfast (7am)
Total Bran Cereal and 2 cups coffee
Morning Snack (9:30am)
Apple with a 10-12 raw almonds
Lunch (11am)
Salad packed with chick peas, black beans, tons of veggies, feta and a small can of tuna. Add 3 tbs. of low fat dressing
Snack (1:30pm)
Hot tea with a protein power bar
Pre-work snack (4pm)
Fruit Protein Smoothie
Dinner (7pm)
4 oz. portion of chicken, side salad with tons of veggies, and brown rice
Water..water…and more water…all day

For the most part I am taking in just over 2000 calories per day. Sometimes I fall short and sometimes I go over but the food balance leaves me feeling great. Losing weight is not my focus. (currently 122bs) This is the lowest I normally ever get and I have no desire to drop any more. My main focus is fueling myself better for the training year ahead of me.

Junk in is Junk out. Simple. A beer every now and then can be counted as protein...right :)

Now get to planning my friends.


Anonymous said...

Great post. I have really been trying to clean up my act as well. My biggest downfall is sweets, especially chocolate, but I gave that up for lent which has kicked started things.

Shannon said...

I PLAN on having a Margarita this weekend.

Great eating plan! Every Two Carb/Protein!

RunToFinish said...

agreed, I was doing a lot better until today.. I had 2 pieces of cake!! I don't even know why.

But good food definitely makes me feel better

Marlene said...

Excellent post! Junk in = junk out, great way to look at it. Thanks for the sample meal plan, too!

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

A great post from Wes? Really? Careful with that - Wes is going to get a big head. ;-)

Caroline said...

"Junk in is Junk out"

I like that one! And your food plan looks so very healthy!

streak said...

We have been doing the meal plan also and love it. We started before the economy pooped and now are watching others around start. Junk in = junk out


Anonymous said...

Yummy! I like the tea with the protein bar most. Actually it made me smile that you do the same as I do.

Really cool, that your family plays along with his tight plan. I think together it is easier to stay disciplined.

Judi said...

i would starve on that diet. i think i am taking in 3000-4000 easily. constantly hungry too.

teacherwoman said...

"Junk in is Junk out." Love that. so true! Great post!

mrjwhit~ said...

I have been doing a pretty good job for the last 4 months eating much better. I have had some slip ups, but for the most part I have been spot on.

Glad you've had success, too.

Nikemom said...

Great plan! and to get the family on board. I may have to try that. I like how you are packed with lots of veggies and protein.

Ryan said...

Ahh Beer!

I remember those.

During the heavy phases of my IM training last year my breakfast was larger than you entire day.

Rachel said...

Awesome. I've been eating healthier. Smaller, more frequent meals. It takes more planning but I feel better overall.

Ali said...

That's a great plan, well balanced and makes me want tea and a protein bar right now.

Marcy said...

Raw almonds are the bomb! I don't know if I could go as clean as you but it looks good on paper baby!

Journey to a Centum said...

I wasn't hungry when I started reading your post! Hey I'm back from my posting silence. I will post again when we return from this weekends marathon in Yakima WA.

ShirleyPerly said...

Hey, seem like a lot of us are making changes for the better with regards to eating. I'm now definitely making an effort to consume at least 2000 cals/day. And more depending on what's going on. I'm not eating as healthy as you, however. One step at a time :-)

Anonymous said...