Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Our Teams have been formed for the Challenge to Conquer Cancer ride and our training is in full swing. Saturday I met up with some of our team members and we began our 68 mile ride to Saluda and back. This ride offers miles of gradual climbs with maybe two or three nice jumps in grade to make sure you are working hard. I loved how we all worked together and things just clicked on the ride. It was such a enjoyable experience. At the middle point we stopped for a quick snack and bathroom break. For the first half of the ride the clouds protected us but as we headed back we were not so lucky. With about 8 miles do go the heat began to zap me. I was hitting my fluids pretty hard but mentally I was suffering. Not sure if it were all of the GU but I began to get nauseous and I just wanted to reach the car and dive into a bucket of ICE. The ride was great and once I was in the car and headed home I began to feel better. A quick stop at the store for some Ginger Ale and Ice hit the spot.

Sunday offered a nice 18 mile recovery ride with a 2 mile run. Very enjoyable and my legs felt great.

With all of the upcoming organized rides I realize that I will quickly become spoiled by having SAG vehicles and a ton of riders to share the roads with. We even are planning night rides I am really looking forward to all of the weeks of training with this group. My team ROCKS!!

Week in Totals:

Run: 12 miles

Bike: 125 miles

On to another week…



Marlene said...

Enjoy being spoiled while it lasts. :) Sounds like a great group!

ShirleyPerly said...

Yes, much more fun to ride with other cyclists out and about! Does sound like maybe the sun got to you, though. I used to carry some TUMS with me on my rides, which reminds me I need to probably start doing so again now that my rides will be getting longer again ...

Keep having fun!

Girl on Top said...

Sounds like so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the nausea came from the humidity??? Is it as hot and humid further down like here??? I feel like in a laundromat!!!!

Grey Beard said...

As the temps and humidities rise you have to ingest more and more water and electrolytes to maintain your body's evaporative cooling system.

The rub is if those fluids are also ride fuels, like Gatorade, your body can't process its sugars any faster, so the concentration of sugar builds up till it's above the critical 6-8% - and then your stomach has to pull fluids out of your body to dilute your stomach contents.

The solution is to dilute your Gatorade with more water, and supplement electrolytes with Power Electrolytes foil sticks mixed in the water, or using something like the Hammer Endurolytes capsules.

Having SAG support won't solve this problem, so get it dialed before your ride. Heat also robs your digestive tract of blood flow, but not much can be done there except cool clothing.

Cool you like your group. It really is rewarding riding in a great group!

Wes said...

spoiled in a good way, versus, oh, sitting on the couch with boxes of twinkies piled up next to you :-)