Thursday, July 23, 2009

Part of a TEAM

Part of the Team from our ride last Saturday.

This past weekend our team received all of the proceeds to benefit the Challenge to Conquer Cancer. Each cyclist paid $10 to ride and in the end we received over $800 towards our event. Not a week has gone by, since becoming a part of this, that I have not been blessed. Each story that is shared about cancer is truly touching. Mainly I have received the greatest gift of being a part of something that is not about me at all. It is not about how fast you are. It is not about who is the strongest. It is about working as a team and with each mile we ride, we train, we share we are hopefully coming that much closer to finding a cure for cancer.

I have been very blessed to have reached my fund raising goals very early on. Currently I have a team member who is having a harder time. If you are in the position of donating anything… $5…$10… I promise the karma that you send out will come back 10 fold!

Event Link: Challenge to Conquer Cancer (click on link and select Toby Coker)

If you have any problems with the link or any questions please feel free to contact me at

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Anonymous said...

Wow, you are on a real mission for fundraising - keep up that great work.

ShirleyPerly said...

What an awesome team photo!

I wish Chic Runner ( could see it so she'd know that cyclists are not all a bunch of grumpy elitist pigs who hate life and others.

Congrats on meeting your FR goal!!

Nick said...

You are awesome for doing this.

Runner Mom said...

Love the picture!!! I'm gonna have to do a scrapbook for you with this journey!! How fun!! I have new digital scrapbooking software that has been sitting there--just waiting!!! It's similar to Photshop! Call me later!! So proud of your fund raising!

Kevin said...

This is such a great cause yyou are doing this for

JD said...

Hey team-mate! Yep, I have made the commitment myself. I signed up yesterday after riding with the group to Saluda from Furman. This morning, I met Ron and Jeni for some repeats of the Furman side of Paris Mt. 3 times up that beast! Those folks are crazy fun!

Thanks for helping Toby. I'm going to see if he and I can team up and find something to do as a fundraiser together.