Friday, October 2, 2009

A Changed Person

With any event at some point in training you reach the sometimes welcomed/dreaded TAPER. We have one last 100 mile team ride on Saturday followed by a 40-60 mile recovery ride on Sunday and then the two week taper begins.

Most people go crazy with this extra time once absorbed by training but I think I will embrace it. So many house projects that could use some attention, very much needed one on one time with my super supportive husband, tons of cooking for my 15 year old whom never seems to get enough to eat, and a stack of Runners World and Bicycle magazines to get lost in.

I will say that I am a changed person. Being apart of an event that is not about yourself, not a race, rather a STAND AGAINST CANCER. I feel rich with the blessing of new friendships that will last long after this event. Without knowing it I exposed myself to feeling the effects of those that are fighting the fight. I have shed some tears but even with that I am a better person for wanting and making a difference. For this, I am a changed person.

Relentless Forward Motion



Marlene said...

It must be an incredible feeling to be involved in something so big. I've ejoyed being 'along for the ride' so to speak.

Enjoy the taper!

Wes said...

Gotta Run...Gotta Ride... rides alone.

Not alone! Bloggers!

To the Queen

:-) Yes. I'm living LOTR vicariously through you!

Two weeks to get my donation in then. Coolio!

Anonymous said...

To give is to get - that's what life is all about.

Enjoy your tapering.

MJ said...

Hey Robin,

I lost my mom to cancer a few years ago so I can definitely appreciate the stand you and your team are taking. Enjoy the taper and thanks!


Shannon said...

You make me smile Robin!

Get swallowed up in your porn (ie. Bicycle Magazine), enjoy the taper!

Charles said...

Just think, after the taper you will be in TOP form! Now that's something to look forward to. You deserve this taper!

Isn't it amazing when we give how it changes us forever!

Judi said...

getting out of yourself to give back is a huge deal. good for you. i think it's great what we can accomplish when we set our minds to something.

embrace the taper!

Kevin said...

As someone who has lost a father to lung cancer. I want to say thank you for taking a stand against cancer. What you are doing is absolutely amazing