Monday, October 5, 2009

Right Where I Want to Be

Last really long training ride in the bag. 100 miles on Saturday. I will take that!

Total distance: 100 miles

Avg. pace at halfway point – 19.6 mph

Overall avg. pace – 18.8 mph

Fluids – around 120 oz.

Gels - 6

Food - 1 pack of crackers, 1 banana nut breakfast bar

The route was fantastic. We opted to do an out and back. Starts out flat, add some nice rollers in the middle, followed by another nice section of flats and you have a nice turnaround at mile 50 for a repeat going back. We stopped 3 times but made each stop fast. Bathroom, more fluids, and some quick food and we were rolling. Only 5 of us for the ride but we made it work. Notice rotations and plenty of positive motivation. I have noticed how “some cyclist” have lost the ability to push it and have fun all in the same ride. I for one love that I roll with a group that has remained grounded as our strength has improved.

Sunday I really was into my house projects. I knew of one group that was starting very near my house at 1pm for a nice social ride. This would be a great recovery ride and would keep me on a target pace to truly count as recovery. I went back and forth on riding but with 30 minutes to go I quickly changed, gear up, and met the group. Some I knew and some I did not but as we made our way through the miles the group just had such a great feeling. All ranges of fitness levels. If anyone pulled away from the group we just waited and regrouped at the next turn or stop sign. True, wonderful recovery. Very glad that I went!

So my goal was to hit my last heavy week with somewhere around 240 miles. I hit 200 miles and am more than pleased. Now I can embrace the TAPER.

A few post ago I mentioned that I purchased some recovery tights for 50% at a local Tri Shop. At first I was not sold on the fact that they made a huge difference other than just feeling good with the compression. After wearing them most of Saturday afternoon my ride on Sunday felt like my legs were rather fresh. So my vote it that I can see and feel benefit from these. Hoping they will do the trick for our ride to Austin.



Bob - said...

Awesome Job Robin you look like you are READY!!

Enjoy that Taper, It's Visualize Time!

Marlene said...

Congrats on another 100. Truly amazing!

Wes said...

Yea, that's good stuff. You guys planning to ride to Austin in one day at that speed ;-)

I lurve my recovery sleeves. Maybe its all in our head. Maybe not!!

ShirleyPerly said...

Woohoo, another great week in the training books!

I love how you are embracing taper while others dread it. I think I will embrace it too once I'm finally there. And thanks the update on how those compression tights have worked for you. I need to make the plunge and get some soon!

Grey Beard said...

Nice fast pace. Your group should make quick work of the goal ride to Austin, Tx. It's been a lot of fun following your training. A great taper and then off to Austin!

Anonymous said...

I'm long were you out riding for those 100?

JD said...

Great Ride Robin! I think you're ready for anything the road can throw at us!


Judi said...

i am so excited for you!!

teacherwoman said...

Way to go!

Kevin said...

Enjoy the taper, you have earned it.

I need to find the full on recovery tights. My quads could definitely use it

Runner Mom said...

Cannot believe that you did that many miles, chick! Wow! Glad the recovery pants worked out! Call me this week!

Shannon said...

How was the porn reading? ;)

You Rock!

Stuart said...

Great job, enjoy the taper you've earned it.

CW-X tights rock I wear mine all the time!

René said...

Have a great taper!

Colleen said...

You are doing amazing with the bike!!! Enjoy the taper!!!

Nick said...