Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Say Hello to My Little Friends...

This was a first for me. After weeks of carving sugar out and feeling fantastic from doing so I took the plunge into a container of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. For the record I did request the half cup single serving size sold in stores but after Scott and our son made a mad dash to the store (before I changed my mind) they returned with my very own pint size. Once my spoon hit the delicious heavenly sweetness of chocolate and cherry’s there was no stopping me until I consumed the ENTIRE thing. Scott and I put a movie in, crawled in bed, and each made fast work of our treat. It was wonderful!!

So since I am officially tapering I will count that as carb loading. No guilt. I have earned it!

With just over a week until the big event I wanted to take a moment to thank some of my blogging crazies that have helped me in reaching my goal of raising more than $5000.

Nick – what can I not say about this guy. Anyone that tackles the insane trails distances, is a cross-fit maniac, and also manages to brew his own batches of beer is a king in my book. He has generously sent me gifts in the mail sharing items that he no longer needed. THANK YOU!

Shirley – Doing one Ironman event is not enough for this woman. She will be doing two ironman events just a week apart from each other next month. Her positive attitude and drive is infectious. A very grounded person. Just simply amazing. THANK YOU!

MJ – This father and Iron athlete shows no limitations. Not only is he a talented photographer but even with a prosthetic leg he shows no limits to what can be accomplished. THANK YOU!

Roy – What does he not know about the world of cycling and all that comes with it. The priceless tools and loads of very useful information have helped in taking my riding to new levels and understanding. THANK YOU!

Phil - no longer post a blog :(. Scott and I had the pleasure of meeting him while on vacation. Seems like we have known him forever. One day I hope for our paths to cross ago...very soon. THNAK YOU!

I am blown away by the generous gifts of giving to these individuals that I have never met in person but hope to one day very soon. Thank you for supporting me in this fight against Cancer. You are helping to make a difference! If I have left anyone out I truly apologize. I am not able to view the entire list of names so I am going by my memory (not so good these days).

So this weekend is a very last …last long team ride. We are scaling it back to something like 60 miles at an easy, no one left behind pace and heading for a bakery in the mountains. Call it a sticky-bun-run.

More carb loading.



Marlene said...

Sounds like a reasonable form of carb loading to me!

gene said...

Ben and Jerry have been friends of mine for quite some time. I have spent most of my life here in Vermont.....I have ALWAYS thought that they came in single serving containers. glad you are able to enjoy! ride on!

Wes said...

My favorite recovery food!! (besides sticky buns) :-)

Anonymous said...

Choco Cherry is my favorite!

Nick said...

You are killing me with the ice cream......okay, I did the same thing last week.
I am thinking about making my own ice cream.
You do deserve it. Best of luck in the event.
Thank you for the props. I'm just an "abnormal guy" doing things that I otherwise would not do if I was smart. : )
(That's what my wife tells me anyway)

Grey Beard said...

Having you as a friend is one of my most cherished accomplishments Robin. You are too kind, but I do greatly appreciate your very flattering recognition.

You are such a well-spring of optimism that when having a bad day, I come here first for my attitude adjustment. I just love the feel of your glowing smile seeping out from between the lines.

I know it's a cliche', but your life truly is an inspiration. Thank you, and my very best wishes for you on your epic, inspiring event ride.

Colleen said...

You are human!!! :)

And I love that you are riding to a bakery. That's called a destination ride in our house! :)

Chris said...

How much longer Robin before "go" time?

ShirleyPerly said...

You have DEFINITELY earned it!!!

And I am honored to support YOU, Robin. It's been a joy to see you embrace cycling as you have and take up this cause. My only regret is not being able to meet you in person at B2B but I'm sure our paths will cross some day in the future.

Enjoy your taper!