Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Before my husband has a heart attack I am officially – for real – promise – have my list ready – to start packing for my cycle trip to Austin. I am always known to be last minute at the packing stuff. Mainly I do this so that I will not over packed but because I need to make sure I do not forget any of the many necessities needed to cycle for an entire week I am going to remain task focused all day.

An email was sent out Monday from our Massage Therapist for the event that went like this:

Okay gang.... This time Renee' (your lovely massage therapist) has to reply. Water, water, water, water, and if that isn't enough..... Drink water. If you are not getting up at least twice during the night to tee tee :-) DO NOT have enough water in your system and sports massage is gonna hurt. The reason is that your skin will adhere to the fascia, and the fascia will adhere to the muscle and it's gonna hurt!!!!!! That means you are dehydrated. DRINK WATER.....NOT something that is mixed with water.....i.e. Iced tea. :-( no no!!! See everyone on Sunday!!!

In addition another email was sent out to address carbs:

If you are waiting until Friday or Saturday to start eating pasta for energy you will be starting too late. It will help, but you should be eating pasta and other high complex carbs every night for a week before the ride.

Since this is a multi day event (8 days total) I took it to heart and am doing what I am told. I am water logged and full of good complex carbs. Just a few more days now!

Here is a quick snap shot of my teams (YELLOW) schedule:

Sunday – roll out as a group at 3pm

Monday – 12am – 3am

Monday – 6pm – 12am

Wednesday – 12am – 6am

Thursday – 6am – 12pm

Friday – All teams join up and ride into Austin together

Saturday – Lance Armstrong 5k Run

Sunday – Lance Armstrong Cycle Event (60 miles)

Monday FLY HOME!!

So that is it in a nutshell. Anyone that would like to follow us on our live tracker can do so on our event website at . Click on “THE ROUTE” tab and the map will update to where we are at. I am riding on Team YELLOW.

THANK YOU ALL again for the support as I planned and prepared for this event.

Time to Roll....

Robin :)


Marlene said...

It's been amazing sharing this journey with you so far... seeing the miles build alongside your passion for this sport and the cause.

I'll be thinking of you all week. have a WONDERFUL experience! Safe travels!

Anonymous said...

You have a smart massage therapist;-)

Hydrating or not is going to make a huge impact on performance - the wee wee part sucks though!

Wish you a super ride and I'll be following you online!

Wes said...

Yup, my book says every night for a week, but the night before helps! I am THIRD! PodiuM!!! :-)

Bob - said...

ROLL on My Friend, Enjoy your adventure and pedal like someone stole your diary - lol well maybe not that hard but you know what I mean :-)

God Bless & will be following along!

Anonymous said...

You have worked so hard! It's game time. Can't wait to read all about it. Have a blast.

Grey Beard said...

Ha! I am not at all surprised you pack late and light. In my experience confident people tend to shun preparation of that sort. Packing the kitchen sink is a psychological form of protection, like body armor. It's the realm of the scared and intimidated. The strong and confident tend to "go with what you got".

Strange that endurance athletes have to rediscover the value of good hydration at times. The value of super-hydrating as been known at least since cowboys used to super-hydrate between watering holes before crossing arid country. It is said it added at least a day to survival time.

Judi said...

i am so proud of you! what a great adventure. you have trained hard and you are ready! YAY!

Nick said...

You are Awesome!

Runner Mom said...

Lord, have mercy! It's here! I can't belive it, chickadee! I will be downtown to see y'all off on Sunday afternoon. Call me later today!
Love you!

Michael at 45 said...

Good Luck and have fun, you've worked hard now enjoy the many miles, what a great adventure.


Michael at 45 said...
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Stuart said...

This is gonna be the mother of all adventures!

Go enjoy! Enjoy the scenery, your fellow riders and the adventure, I can't wait for the report!

ShirleyPerly said...

Have a great trip and ride, Robin. I know how ready you are and you will ROCK it!!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Have an amazing time... you've worked so hard for this!!! Enjoy the moment!

Bob D said...

Hope the trip is as awesome as it sounds! And hey, thanks for the sticker! Glad you enjoyed the dvd.

Scott Keeps Running said...

Hope it's AMAZING!