Monday, November 30, 2009

A Little Secret

I have a SECRET... the kind that will be exciting for me if it comes true… will change my plans for next year… will afford me the opportunity to serve my community in new ways… develop some new bike skills with races and time trails and training camps…. Oh how I want to share it all with you this very minute but I must wait until I get notification. It may come today…tomorrow…but it will arrive sometime this week. Good or bad I will share. I took a leap of faith and stepped out of my comfort box on this one now I must wait and see.

The Thanksgiving holiday was good. My cold prevented me from really wanted to over eat and I still managed to get in lots of riding. The snots rockets were flying so I apologized in advance to anyone that rode with me…including Scott. It was gross but did the trick in clearing my head.

I nailed my training runs as well. For the first time I am incorporating tempo runs and last week called for the first one. I hit the target paces and was thrilled to have completed it.

First ever Tempo run:

Mile 1 (warm up) – 9:38

Mile 2 – 8:33

Mile 3 – 8:38

Mile 4 – 8:31

Mile 5 (cool down) – 9:41

Now onto a new week.



Stuart said...

Oh first!

Fingers crossed it pans out for you!

Nice job on the tempo times!

Marlene said...

Sounds exciting - hope it works out!!

Wes said...


Lily on the Road said...

what a tease!! good luck and like Stuart, my fingers are crossed...

Kevin said...

Sounds interesting. Cant wait to hear the details

Anonymous said...

Now I won't be able to sleep tonight...tell us!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great job on the tempo run. The cycling lets you also stay in an excellent running shape.

zanne said...

can't wait to hear your news!

Grey Beard said...

I have something so exciting to say in response it will change my life :D .... but I can't say it just yet! ROTFLMFAO. Nice to hear that breathless tone again though.

I just love your enthusiasm Robin, but you are just shameless. I'm sure you have a long and prosperous career hawking stocks for Wall St if you want it.

Best of luck, and sorry to hear about the cold. Fighting off the flu here and damned tired of doing it, so very happy to hear you are well again.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

ooooh! Such a tease! Fingers are crossed for you, can't wait to hear what it is! Exciting!!

Shannon said...

You tease.....

Me want to bike, run, squeeze you in 2010!!!