Thursday, November 19, 2009

Scott's Return

Mountian Biking at DuPont

Two months ago my husband, Scott ruptured a disc in his neck. Not only did he have many sleepless, painful nights he had lots of frustration when it came to not riding with our cycling group. At times I would feel so guilty for heading out but he would encourage me to go.

Two weeks ago he returned to the bike. We headed out about a half hour before dark for a 20 mile ride through the country. This would also be his first ride in the dark. After a warm-up we settled into a pace that was comfortable for him and I pulled us along. I wanted to do everything I could to make this a positive return experience. As the darkness closed in our bike lights provided tons of light and we continued to make our way back towards the house. Scott was hooked to the night riding and loved it.

Now we are in week two of his return. I mapped out a new route and we headed out on Tuesday to give it a try. I knew the roads I had picked pretty well but had forgotten how hilly they were. This time, without knowing it, we were pushing the pace harder than the week before and the efforts of all of the hills were felt in my legs. To hear the excitement that has returned when Scott talks of riding thrills me. As our ride on Tuesday night ended we talked about winter riding and plans for next year’s riding. Pure good stuff!

Update: As seen above we went Mountain Biking last Saturday. My first time riding on the trails in 5 years. I am sorry to say Roy that I was not as thrilled to return to trail riding and my bike felt foreign to me in every way. Being with these friends made the trip worth it but I am not sure when/if I will return for the next trail adventure. Grips of death and nearly missing several trees dead on was not the most thrilling for me. After Scott and I racked our bikes I did manage to get a 45 minute trail run in. Now that felt fantastic!!

Another Update: I managed two strength training session last week and am on target for the same this week. I also began following a half marathon training plan this week. Not signed up for an event yet but the training focus feels good. Last night I had to do a 5k at close to race pace to help determine my speedwork/tempo/and long run paces.

Mile 1 – 7:49
Mile 2 – 8:30 (must have fell asleep)
Mile 3 – 7:48

Total: 24:12

It is a start and I will take it. Running in the rain was a bonus.



Wes said...

Maaasheeeeeen :-) Welcome back Scott! and don't make funny animal figures with your bike light while riding in the dark!

Lily on the Road said...

Glad you're back at it Scott!

Night riding, wow, I'd be too nervous I'd hit deer, raccoon, skunk...LOL...

Hope you start to enjoy the mountain bike a little more, sometimes it is just great to get off the pavement.

Marlene said...

Good news that Scott is back on the bike!

And welcome back to running. :)

Runner Mom said...

Wish I could have run with you at DuPont! I miss that place! I actually went to the gym this morning! I'll feel it tomorrow!

Scott--honey, you rock! I am so proud of you!! Whoohoo!

Robin--anybody got a fluid trainer out there that you've heard about? Thinking hard on this one.

Call me when you have time!

Judi said...

i love this post! i am so jealous of your night riding skills. we NEVER ride at night! so glad scott is back riding with you too. i know you must have missed riding w/ him. :)

Lauren said...

Welcome back to Scott!

Grey Beard said...

Sorry to hear that Robin. Did I prod you to wear body armor?:D I am scheduled to do a season first mtb ride tomorrow that is 4-5/10 technical, but forecast is for 2" of rain and 20mph winds, so not likely.

I'm guessing your fitness level has far outstripped your now-rusty technical riding skills. That can be very scary when the trail gets technical. Speed beyond control. Slow down and/or find a nice forgiving XC ride until your skills come back? Solo might help with the pace.

Cool you had fun doing that weird kind of sport where your feet/shoes touch the, **gasp** ,dirt! :-O

Nice that Scott is making a comeback. Bad area to have a problem in though, so do be careful.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Must be a great feeling for Scott to be back on the bike, and for you to hear/feel his excitement again! Great stuff! Not sure I'd be much into trail riding either, that's an accident waiting to happen for me i fear :) Have a great weekend!

Shelley Kimberly - my avatar is my online identity - me incognito said...

Great to hear things are going well!

Trainer Momma said...

You are cruisin'! That's a smokin' start! The training is the best, I must say...It always feels great to have a plan.

Stuart said...

Great news about Scott!

Sure is a difference between the roads and trails on two wheels or two feet!