Monday, December 28, 2009

Could it be MENTAL


I love my new racing team of girls! They love to ride… a lot..and have fun… and push it… and have fun…

With Sunday’s promise of 40 degrees and plenty of sunshine we all suited up and headed out for a 45 mile route. It did not take long to fall into a groove and pace lines were formed and just like that we covered some miles. Riding with a team has only made certain things more clear to me. I need to stop hanging off of the back and get into the pack a bit more. I am not sure why I tend to do this other than to say I am just not as aggressive so the outcome is more work hanging off of the back. The winds did a number on us too. What started at 10 mph winds quickly changed to 15mph winds along with some nasty gust. We were beat up a bit before it was all over. Towards the last half of the ride I managed to make my way towards the front for some pulling. My legs were feeling the efforts and as we approached the last half mile stretch that finishes uphill I had already gave into the notion that I had nothing left to sprint to the end. Out of NOWHERE I had a cadence that not only pulled me up the stretch but helped me maintain over 24mph for one of the fastest finishes I can remember on that road. I felt great. It was amazing.

So I am going to keep applying all the tips and tools that I have been reading about. Last week was a skipped strength training week due to my back but because I played good little girl I can resume it this week.

The riding and running and all that comes with it could not be more welcomed since I have consumed some MAJOR calories with all of the food I consumed during the holidays. Time to detox and get back on track.

Cheers and Happy New Year to you all!!



Dave said...

got to get me a bike. When you transitioned from Ultras to Cycling...did all your running help transition being a good cyclist?..or did you have really work at keeping up with the group?

Judi said...

drink lots of water, take b vitamins so you pee a lot, get the sugar and salt out, LOL. :) i always feel like crap after eating shit food.

i am so happy you are loving your team. that is awesome. for real!! you are gonna be so fast this year sista'!

ok, so me (and suzanne, I think) are planning to do a stage race in june at red river gorge (google 'tour of RRG') - is that near you at all? it's a 3 day thing. i am looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...

Awesome to have a training group like that. And all cool girls?? YAY!

Grey Beard said...

So I'm reading the top half of your post, remembering your comment that you like to push tall gears, and planning my response as "try upping your cadence to find more power".

Bingo! You figured it out on your own! That's what I love about you Robin, you always find a way.

In general, you have a great power/weight ratio, but on the flats, where weight doesn't matter, you'll be looking for more power. Since power is cadence x torque, upping your cadence by 10% will produce just as much of a gain as pushing 10% harder - but without creating fatigue.

I'm off on a road trip, so will wish you Happy New Year now. Here's to an awesome 2010 to come!

Stuart said...

You've got the mental metal to go do it!

Marlene said...

All of this group riding is making you so strong!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

So glad you have a fantastic team to ride with, 2010 will be an amazing year for you Robin! :D