Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Good Intentions

What do Good Intentions get you……. in the form of exercise….NOTHING.

The running joke in my house is that on the days I have 2 workouts (Tuesday and Thursday) I will actually get up and drag my sorry butt out of bed at 4:45am. I have good intentions. REALLY. I tell my family each time (accountability) that I am going to do this. They watch me set up my bike on the trainer in the garage the night before. Review my workout from coach. Mix my bottles and place them in the frig…music…you get the picture. All the while laughing at me.

Now it is Tuesday morning and I still have my two workouts to do AFTER WORK plus other family stuff so in a nutshell I will have a long afternoon/night.

Cycle –

10 minute warm-up (zone 1-2)

3 x 15 minute steady pace (zone 3) (3 minute recovery between each set)

10 minute cool down (zone 1-2)

Strength Training –

Not going to list each workout but I will point out that I am moving into a new phase. Going from 2 sets of 12 to 3 sets of 10 with a few workout changes. Excited about this! Plus did I mention that my son has been doing the routine with me each week. Makes it much more enjoyable plus he pushes me.

So now I am hopeful for Thursday A.M……… alright you better not be laughing!



Dave said...

don't know what to tell ya...still hear my Marine Drill Instructors at 0500 workout days...and that was 20 freaking years ago...

Stuart said...

LMAO...I am not laughing really!

Wes said...


sorry :-) Thanks for the workout idea. I MAY actually get outside tomorrow (or Thursday), but I need a good trainer workout!

oh, and up your weight 5-10% and go 10-8-6... Or not, that may just be for us old people ;-)

Slomohusky said...

Yeah, but however much they are laughing - you are setting a great example of dedication to them. It may help them with stying fit or not, but I bet that dedication is being seen in other ways of their lives as well. Great effort!!

teacherwoman said...

Gotta love those two-a-days!

Lily on the Road said...

How great to have company !!

no snicker's from this chic, you are my hero!

Marlene said...

That is usually me... seriosuly. I do all the prep for a morning workout, but the alarm goes off at that ungodly hour and I just can't do it!

I've been successful two days in a row this week... if I can do it, so can you!

Scott Keeps Running said...

I'm not laughing either.

Seriously - I have a straight face.

Judi said...

i hate getting up early. and i hate even more when i don't. like, i get disgusted w/ myself. so get up, get your w/o in. just get it done, you know?


Mike Russell said...

Everyone has those days. The trick is to not string too many of them together...

Runner Mom said...

Hmm...thought you were talking about me! Would love to run with you...just don't know when!!

Denise said...

I think good intentions count for something...some people don't even think about getting set up for an early morning workout!!

Chris said...

I feel you sister! Really, I do.

I was on the bike @ 7:20am this morning because I knew I had a strength training session today that I COULD NOT miss!

Not optimal but it was a good bike (considering it was 1.5hrs on the trainer - read 28 degrees out) but I am looking forward to hitting the weights this afternoon about 2:15

You can knock it out Robin!!

ShirleyPerly said...

Hee, I have lots of good intentions when it comes to early morning workouts :-)

Great that you have a strength training workout partner, though. I'll bet he won't let his mama slack there.