Monday, February 8, 2010


Seems when I add one thing I lose sight of another. This time it is eating right / eating enough. These days I have been loving me a glass wine. Sometimes two. They add up. Sure we can not cut out everything BUT there is a balance.

Another red light goes off when I begin running on fumes and the recovery is just not happening as I know it should. This was more than clear to me this weekend. The recovery just never happened. I am on fumes. This will change....NOW.

Running Update:
I missed a call last night from my oldest son and an opportunity to smack talk him about the upcoming Half Marathon we are doing together.

His message to me in my voice mail went something like " hi mom. I am sure you are out swimming to Texas and back or maybe you are cycling to China but I just called to tell you I love you." Before you start feeling all sweet he made a jab or two about my need to start running since I will be so slloowwww.

Cycling Update:
Our Team moved our ride indoors on Saturday since it was raining. Sunday we met with about 30 other riders for the last of the Winter Bike League rides. I was wasted. Explains my post. Will leave out the details but I did get in just under 40 miles with Scott at a decent pace.

Running Update:
Last week I ran my scheduled 10 miles. This week I am on for 12 miles. Moving right along according to plan. Runs were amazing.

Now I am off to recharge my batteries for the week ahead.



Stuart said...'s just passive training! It's a must!

Step away from the wine!

Wes said...

I was just reading an interesting post over at Jen Harrison's place.

Train hard. Recover harder!


Marlene said...

I've been struggling with similar issues in my weight loss efforts... how much is too much, but how much is too little?

And OH do I ever love my wine! Try to limit to once a week these days, but I could easily enjoy a glass every day.

Dave said...

Recovery...most endurance guys struggle with that...but oh so important....every 4th week...unless it's TEXAS HEAT TRAINING....then every 3rd week...also eat right after a long workout...right after...with some protein...especially workouts over 4 hours....

Grey Beard said...

Could it be? Robin's human? :-O

Like Marlene I've been trying to keep the weight off with all the wet, psychotic weather. I carbo load the night before, and then it rains. Since I am stocked up on liver glycogen for ~18 hrs if I eat ANYTHING the next day it goes right to fat.

I have been favoring being ready, even if it means my weight has been creeping up a bit, because I hate riding when I have no energy. It's an old body builder's trick. Train heavy and then get cut just before the event. It prevents injuries too.

Obviously, even this strategy needs balance, but not being in a state of readiness not only makes you weak, but destroys your motivation too, as you just can't perform.

Wish I had a better plan myself, but this is where I'm at right now. Biking to China, now that would take some B-I-G tires!

wandering cyclist said...

Will you be my hero too! Be sure to rest & eat... you're in such good shape that your body craves what it needs first, then what your mind wants (reading about that today in my Race Weight book). You need sleep... sleep, you need food, eat... We need you strong for the season :-)

Runner Mom said...

I'm with you about understnding that balance!! It's hard!! I did 7 today--long run for the week--ha! So sad, but at least the weather was gorgeous! I'll holler at you later :).

zanne said...

the balance is hard, but sounds like you know how to get back on track! I fall off wagon now & then too ... but (negative) effects are quickly seen in time to right the ship again. That said - you're training hard & treats are ok in moderation!! We're all human!

Anonymous said...

Yay, the girl is running! I had this phase of wanting to have a glass of wine while training hard. It always happens when I work a lot. Right now it's chocolate...bad, bad, bad.

Have a good week and don't forget to pause once in a while:-)

Bob said...

Red wine is good for your heart. Consider it hydration/nutrition!

Grey Beard said...

Humm, just a little ephipany here Robin, the wine craving might be an acidity thing. You might try a salad with a lot of balsamic vinegar or my Sweet & Sour Fiesta Chicken. Both have a lot of acid.

Chocolate is alkali IIRC.

ShirleyPerly said...

Yes, sometimes I've gotten so focused that the basics (eating enough, sleeping/resting) are neglected and I tank on a workout. But better in training than during a race. Good lesson learned!

Judi said...

gawd, i am supposed to run 13 this week and probably won't get it done. i'll be fucked for this trail race.

girl, eat. you are tiny enough as it is. eat something!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

The balance can be as difficult as any of the workouts! I'm trying to find it too with the eating....