Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Page 23...........lots of oil

Zucchini Muffins

No rave review in my book for this one. Far too much sugar and oil for me to deem it healthy. So although it was easy to make I will be revamping this one tonight and making a much LIGHTER version of this. Apple Sauce to replace all or most of the oil and I will only use some of the brown sugar and completely cut out all of white sugar. Hate to trash the first batch but they are just too heavy and oily.


Bike – I am stressing that I have not ridden outdoors in almost 2 weeks. Way too much trainer time and not enough road time. Stupid snow and ice made our perfectly planned team ride a no go so I had to turn the pedals on my trainer. How I miss the road. Now my bike is getting some needed love with a complete over-haul so I will not have it back until Wednesday afternoon. Being taken a part down to the frame, cleaned, lubed, and put back together. Did not even realize that I have close to 3000 miles on the current chain until I started doing some simple math.

Running – Hit my runs for this past week. On Sunday I headed out for my long run and realized as I left the neighborhood that I had forgotten my watch. So I ran by “feel” and as a result ran this a good bit faster than I should have. Still, I was pleased and will continue to increase the miles as the Half marathon gets closer.

Strength Training – Loving this!! Not sure if it the weights, working out with my 16 yr old, or a combo of both but I look forward to each session. Seeing some toning improvements which drives me even more. Now if I could only commit to an ab workout. LOL!



Marlene said...

Too bad about the muffins... I like your idea of making them over! Applesauce for oil is a great sub.

Betcha can't wait t oget your bike back and hopefully take her on the road soon.

Way to go with the runs & strength work!

Lily on the Road said...

You've got to call it the way you see it, or in this case "make it". Thanks for the heads up.

I can't believe you guys have all the winter weather...this is one crazy 2010 so far.

teacherwoman said...

bummer about the muffins. I look foward to hearing the update on the revamped muffins!

Dave said...

yep...ready for winter to be over...sometimes it is so good to just run by feel...just go...listen to the body...get back to the primative form of running...I feel the weight of a great stress being lifted in the Blackburn household...do you? ;-)

wandering cyclist said...

Another good substitute for oil & water is a can of pumpkin... we're trying page 124 tonight (Jess & Josh have made it multiple times already)

Runner Mom said...

I will take the muffins--oil, sugar and all!! Hop over to my blog when you get a minute! So EXCITED about your call tonight.
Love you!

Grey Beard said...

You might try yogurt, and/or cottage cheese, and some orange zest to make that a lot healthier.

I might have to try some muffins myself. Making me hungry with such suggestions. Will try adding some pumpkin seed oil. Very healthy, but won't stand up to frying temps. Baking might just work.

Stuart said...

I always sub apple sauce for the oil makes things way more moist, works really well in brownies too

I heard some good and some bad about the book so I'll be interested in your thoughts

Peter H said...

For older folks like me .....and you, the weights are VERY important. A year of fairly focused weight training has made an enormous difference to distance swimming times and stength in especially arm follow through.....where the power is needed. It should make a difference most of the big three - swimming, cycling and running.

And this is strength training, not bulking up!!