Friday, March 5, 2010


On Wednesday I had a leg crushing workout on the trainer. After sweet talking TeDD (aka IronTedd) he agreed to join me and suffer it out in my garage. The workout would call for Mountain climbing repeats…5 OF THEM lasting 15 minutes each...followed by sprint zones…10 OF THEM (ouch!)and FINALLY a long cool down to total 2hr 20 minutes. HOLY MOTHER! The workout was great but I KNOW that I mentally stuck it out because of the shared company.

On Thursday I had the task of a 5 mile run. The pace would be set with the purpose of flushing my tired legs from the previous workout. I was instructed to keep a 9 to 9:15 pace and off I went. Let me just say I REALLY need to work on sticking with a prescribed pace. Here was the outcome:

Mile 1 – 8:49 – need to slow it down a bit

Mile 2 – 8:46 – repeat that I need to slow it down a bit

Mile 3 – 8:50 – now I start to lecture myself. My legs are tired and I need this to be a recovery not a race

Mile 4 – 8:55 – a little closer

Mile 5 - ?? – watch died! Want to know how frustrated I was by this? Lol

So this weekend will be AMAZING. Last Spring Series race with the team on Saturday. Sunday I have a 12 mile long run. Monday…MASSAGE.

At some point in between everything Scott and I will fit in a movie and some needed down time together. This is a must.



teacherwoman said...

Great workouts, girl! Have a wonderful weekend!

Marlene said...

Sounds like that massage will be well-earned! Enjoy the weekend workouts!

Lily on the Road said...

date night and a massage, you are one lucky girl!

Holy doodle on your are AMAZING!

Runner Mom said...

Oww! I like the idea of the movie!! We start track season in the morning! Hot dog!!


Dave said...

Good pic...good ride/run...actually pretty inpressive...btw...Scott was cracking me up with his Text Messages this week...have a good weekend.

Judi said...

2:20 of intervals? i so need a coach.

Kevin said...

Owie. That sounds like a tough ride. Might just have to add it to my binder of workouts

Bob said...

2:20 of hard repeats? I'm exhausted reading about it. Well done.

Grey Beard said...

Sometimes the legs have a mind of their own.

Big weekend coming up here too. Sunday should be dry, so 65 miles and 3,500ft or so. Wish I could recover as quickly as you do.