Monday, March 8, 2010

A Needed Boost of Confidence

What a week! By Friday I was TANKED from the weeks workouts. In fact I only did 10 minutes of the 45 minutes of Yoga I was scheduled to do before collapsing on the couch Friday afternoon. It was what it was.

Saturday morning I would take part in the last of a Spring Race series. The course was placed near the Mountains and offered lots of rollers, turns and a 1 mile climb for the last mile. Since the race is a loop event we would climb this 1 mile section 3 times. I arrived early and got myself prepared for the race. Several of us rode out and did some warm up miles. We included the 1 mile climb so we could get a feel of this section. It was here that I feared the worst. I HAD NOTHING. Still I was there and when they announced for the Cat4 woman to line up I was right with them. My hope was that once we got into the miles my legs would feel better and my energy would match but it took no time at all for me to realize that this was going to hurt. This day would just be about finishing. To spare you the whinny details I finished and that is about all the glory there is to highlight for that event.

Sunday I had a 12 mile run to tackle. Since Saturday was such a suck-fest I had no idea what to except. I was told to hold a 9:15 to 9:30 pace so after a friend joined me we took off.

Mile 1 – warm up 10:30 –

Mile 2 – 5 – we seemed to fall into some 9:40’s to 9:50ish

Mile 6 – 10 – back on target.

Mile 11- 12 – Wanting to ensure I hit near my target I threw some interval sections in last 2 miles. I was feeling great so I went with it.

12.2 miles – 1:57 – 9:35 avg pace…. I WILL TAKE IT!!

I was a happy girl and thrilled to have felt so much better than I did the day before. What a great confidence booster. Having the shared company on this run kept me on target. THANKS JOSH!!!

Now here is the BIG NEWS…….. I finally dragged my sorry butt out of bed this morning at 5:15am for 45 minutes of yoga. I DID IT!!! Now all I have to do is sit back and wait for my 90 minute massage appointment this afternoon and go home and veg for the evening.

Not a bad way to start out the week. :)



Dave said...

no shame...your spent...that happens when we go all out...for so long...should have seem my Sunday run...only 6 miles...and only to get it done....Thank goodness it was before any normal person gets out of I am the only one who knows how bad it looked...till now. ;-)

Marlene said...

Way to push through a tough ride, nice 12-miler and WAY TO GO on the morning workout!

teacherwoman said...

You are rockin' those workouts, girl! Wow! I would be tanked too. Glad to hear you got in a good yoga session this morning! Enjoy your massage! (reminds me that I need to schedule mine...well overdue)

Karen said...

Way to conquer it all this weekend! You deserve that 90 minute massage :)

Grey Beard said...

OK, I've logged the miles to earn this taunt, so let me enjoy it. Father time's catching up to you girl! lololol

Yes, I'm a brat, and very proud of you for sucking it up, but do get your rest. That sleep debt is for real and I want many more happy race reports from you.

Go Robin!!!

(if only you could see the twinkle in my eyes...)

Kevin said...

You definitely earned that massage. Hope it did the trick for you

Stuart said...

Nice job on the 'run' biker girl!

ShirleyPerly said...

Well, reading your previous post it's not surprising you had nothing left for Saturday's race. Way to push through it and get it done. Glad the Sunday run went better. I'm so jealous of your 90-min massage!!

Wes said...

I know all about being tanked at the end of the week. Knowing when to dial back and listen to your body and when to go for it makes all the difference in the world! I am just amazed with Ironman training how often I can just shrug off that "I feel like crap" feeling and get on with it!

Anonymous said...

Just totally overtrained - I assume;-) You work hard and sometimes that'll just show. When is you half marathon? And where? I'm considering Terrapin Half M. that's close to the NC border.

Judi said...

girl, you showed up, raced, gave it your best, that's all you can do. you can't forget to have fun tho, ok? when it's not fun, it's time to stop and think. :)

Anonymous said...


Scott Keeps Running said...

You deserve to be tanked sometimes. Then those awesome weeks will feel that much more awesome. :)