Monday, April 12, 2010

Unfamiliar Territory

Saturday - Easley Spring Fling Metric ride with my Team

The route would head towards Table Rock and back. Endless rollers with some small climbs. Our team worked so well together! These girls rock!!

Distance: 62.20 miles

Elevation Gains: 3797 ft

Avg Overall Speed: 17 mph

Avg Heart Rate: 136 bpm

I truly LOVED this route. The views, lakes, green fields, and mountains were just amazing! My dad even made it out to cheer all of us on as we passed by his house. He loves this kind of stuff.

Sunday - Mini Brick

Scott and I would headed out for an adventure. I say this because we had chosen to take a familiar route from our house and at about 12 miles we realized the bridge on this section was still out (6 months now). So with that we just started making turns. The adventure was not knowing exactly where we were headed. The route proved to be beautiful and challenging. Up to this point the route was had nice rollers with some good flat sections were we could really pick up the pace. Now we are in an unfamiliar territory. As we crested this one hill you could see that we would drop down a section and then head straight up…and up..and up. It was a decent, short climb that I would guess was between 15-17% grade.

My legs were talking at this point in the ride. I had a choice to back off and use the rest as a recovery or keep pushing. Hammering and pushing seemed the most fun. It burned and at some points hurt but with each mile I somehow felt stronger and stronger. It was a breakthrough of sorts.

Distance: 38.7 miles

Elevation Gains: 1258 ft

Avg Overall Speed: 17.4 mph

Avg Heart Rate: 137 bpm ( I was surprised since it felt much higher)

Following the ride I made a somewhat quick change and headed out for a 2 mile run.

Mile 1: 8:50

Mile 2: 8:33

Avg Heart Rate: 155 bpm

For the rest of the day my legs whispered things to me. BioFreeze was offered some relief. Last night my legs woke me up. BioFreeze offered more relief.

Today I will treat them to a massage. They earned it!!



Black Knight said...

Massage ... and a thermal bath!!!
The views: lakes, green fields, and mountains (here the sea) help not to think how hard can be a workout and to enjoy the training.

Anonymous said...

"Restless leg syndrome"??? LOL! I often can't fall asleep because my legs won't let me. Only one tablet of "Melatonin" lets me finally go!

Marlene said...

100K! I love that they call it the "Metric". Sounds like a great ride. Congrats on all those miles this weekend!

Wes said...

I find, especially here in Georgia, that unexpected route deviations are often very challenging :-) Well done!!

teacherwoman said...

Wow! look at those rides! nice work, girl!

A massage is most definitely necessary!

Grey Beard said...

I love table rock formations. All of the soft, weak rock has eroded away, but the hard rock remains, a physical monument to its strength. Fabulous pics. Thanks for sharing.

15% you say? I am smiling a huge, knowing smile here. That 12-27's put some swagger in your step, huh? Very cool.

Scott Keeps Running said...

get those legs a massage.

Vincent said...

there is only one solution for when your legs are burning

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Sounds like a blast, you just keep getting stronger and stronger! I love it!

Dave said...

just getting caught up on blogs are a machine....really...

Stuart said...

Now that's a solid weekend! And look at all those stats your pulling from your new toy!

Nice job