Friday, April 9, 2010


Mother Nature provided some much needed rain last night so the planned Paris Mountain repeats took place on my trainer in the garage. Still very effective!

10 minute warm-up

Big ring – small gear. Hold current gear for 1 minute. (80-90 rpm) Increase by 1 gear and hold for 1 minute until the hardest gear is reached. At hardest gear 1 minute in saddle and 1 minute standing.

Take back down to smallest gear for 2 minute recovery and then repeat cycle. 4 total.

10 minute cool-down

Following the ride my son and I headed to the gym for our second strength training session of the week (17 weeks total). Tuesday’s workout was not so stellar but yesterday’s was one of our best. Go figure!

This weekend is going to be amazing. Saturday morning we have a Team ride put on by one of our sponsors. Easley Spring Fling Metric. It has been mentioned to bring our climbing legs. Gotta love that?!!

Sunday will have a ride and run combo involved. Can you tell I am ready to kick off the Tri training? Still have not figured out the pool location but my wheels are still turning on that.

Enjoy the warm weather....pollen and all!



Judi said...

i've gotta go get a neti pot at lunch. i may not race cuz i can't breathe! :(

i hope you have good weather and a good brick on sunday. sounds good. i am SO ready to hit the pool again too girl. i hear ya!

Wes said...

OK. I'm gonna have to try that. If I die, its your fault...

Lily on the Road said...

Have a great weekend. We are rolling on Saturday and Sunday too, I start back running seriously this weekend and I'm on the hunt for a pool...Half Iron, here I come!

teacherwoman said...

Nice job on the trainer ride!

Marlene said...

So the wheels are turning in more ways than one. :)

I don't know what most of that cycle-talk means, but great job on the trainer workout!

Grey Beard said...

Thanks for the great stats Robin. Love the detail - my special sickness :)

Aren't great workouts just such a big psychological boost? No matter how crappy my day might have been, a good workout ends the day with me happy and grinning. Kudos.

My HEPA filter and humidifier are running 24x7 these days. The Claritin helped, but still cough a lot when out riding. Whatever. Gotta Ride! Have a great weekend. Look forward to your reports. :D

(humm...wonder if Lily got her new bike yet?)