Wednesday, May 12, 2010


GoodStuart had a giveaway and I was one of the winners of a BONDIBAND!!

Bad – I had something to return to Stuart and turned my house upside down looking for the last item to throw in the box. After 3 days of searching and accusing Scott of losing it I found it right where I put it last. Lol!

Good – I have my Orbea Bike back after discovering what appeared to be a crack in the frame.

Bad – Orbea says that it was only a scratch and I was stuck with paying the shipping fee and bike rebuild fee for what was a warranty issue.

Good – A few months ago I purchased a new car.

Bad – I have since put a scratch on the side mirror with our mailbox and after leaning my bike up against it a gust of wind came up and caused the bike to move placing a dent in the back side panel.

Good – In March Scott purchased a new Garmin 310XT from our Team Sponsor Store. I get a sweet discount!!

Bad – The lens is cracked and nothing on my part made this happen. PROMISE. So today it was sent back and I am hoping I will have no cost in getting this fixed.

I could go on and on but I think you are getting the picture. Is a rain cloud following me? Seriously. After whining to Scott the other night about all of this he also reminded me that I had this HUGE ZIT on my face and that it was blocking his view of our TV in bed. With that I had to LAUGH!!!



Marlene said...

Oh yikes... that is a lot of negatives! I hope they fix up your Garmin without trouble.

Wes said...

when it rains, it pours! Poor Garmie! :-(

Dave said...

Oh...time to count your blessings...which is really why I wrote that last post. You got Scott...but the more I think about that I am trying to figure if that's on the good or bad side...LOL...

Bethany + Ryan said...

oh no! poor garmin!

Peter H said...

look on the positives........the bike was not broken, scratches on the car could have been much worse. And you are still biking!

Stuart said...

Hey at least there was no ugly!

teacherwoman said...

Wow! Talk about a streak of bad luck! I hope things start looking up!

ShirleyPerly said...

Man, so sorry to hear about the Orbea, new car and Garmin!!

Good to hear you guys still have a good sense of humor, though.