Monday, May 10, 2010

Pink in Numbers

On Friday our team had the pleasure of volunteering as course marshal’s for a local 5 k event. Let’s just say that the turnout was very large (over 3400 pre-registered).

Chilling before the 5k event

A Rocking Team of Girls!

Best home-made shirt!

Nothing is going to stop this guy from being in the event :)

On Saturday our team also took part in supporting a local friend for a Grey Ribbon Ride to raise money and awareness for Brain Cancer. The course was well marked with plenty of climbing and rolling hills. In all 11 of my teammates showed up and the ride was just fantastic. We just enjoyed being together and riding strong.

Grey Ribbon Ride with the Girls

Sunday began and ended so fast. It was a weird Mother’s Day for me. I will just leave it at that. Good but different.

Now we are at the beginning of another week. Best part of today is the massage I have scheduled at 4:30pm. My legs need a little love!



Dave said...

Great Pics...especially of the guy in the body cast thing....looking like Forest Gump...Hope Mother's Day was good...even if it was different.

Marlene said...

Looks like a great day for the team! Kudos for helping out at the local events.

Wes said...

volunteering is a good thing! What would we do without them? Happy belated Mother's Day!!

Bethany + Ryan said...

great pics! i LOVE the pink outfits!!! i ride a pink QR Dulce and would love to be on a team who wears pink! so nice of you all to help out, i bet it was fun!

Grey Beard said...

Sounds like a great cause. Kudos!

Is that a current pic of you on your Orbea?

Stuart said...

Paying volunteering karma dues...always a good thing!

OtterPop said...

I just realized that in the top pic, you're back on the Orbea... didn't even notice when I ran by you that night! I'll bet you are SO glad!

Runner Mom said...

I love those pictures!! Especaially "Forrest Gump!"

You are amazing!