Thursday, May 6, 2010

Round II

So I once again began my interval workout for the 2nd week. It went something like this:

7x30 seconds all out sprint followed by 2 minute recovery. Will only note sprint paces for each.

1 – 8:08 (guess my legs were not ready yet)

2 – 6:07 (better)

3 – 5:56

4 – 5:57

5 – 5:42

6 – 5:48

7 – 6:50 (this one was up a slight hill)

What I do find interesting is that each one was a bit better than last week. Still seems like suffering while I am doing them though…lol.

Bike this week – Tuesday was better than expected but harder than it should have been. My legs were a bit tired but anyone can push through that knowing the ride would last for 31 miles. We rolled out with a group of 10 or so riders. My husband took off within just a few miles with a friend of ours and they rocked a crazy strong pace. I could not have sucked their wheel if I had wanted. In the end I rolled in with two other riders that I began with and we ended up at just over 18mph. I will take it.

Another ride planned for today with a 30 minute run following. This weekend…. well you guessed it…more riding and more running. Rinse and repeat! :)



Marlene said...

Great job on the intervals!Some speedy paces there! Woohoo!

Aweoms ejob busting out the ride, too.

Enjoy the upcoming rides & runs! Live it uo!

Dave said...

yep...Scott is becoming an animal!!!...dayum....

Wes said...

Even when I'm tired and my thighs are groaning, I'm amazed that I can put out such power in low zones. Keep up the good work!!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Hope you're having a great training weekend, happy Mother's Day! :)

Black Knight said...

You are very fast, congrats. Good job on the interval training.