Thursday, May 27, 2010

Keeping with the PLAN

So I would call yesterday’s first swim of the season a success. I decided on the way to the pool that rather than following a written workout I would just get in and go…nice and easy…and then stop when I felt like it.

I jumped in and eased into a nice free-style stroke and off I went. I alternated 100 meters free-style then 100 breast stroke until I reached 1000 meters - Non-Stop!! I finished with a time of 23 minutes and some change. And so just like that I stopped and decided that I would call it at that. Since it has been so long I really have no gauge of this being good or bad. It felt great and I could have kept going but with a 5 mile tempo ahead of me I did a quick change and hit a trail near the YMCA.

Let me be the first to say that the run did not feel near as good to the body as the swim did. Although my avg mile was just under a 9 min. pace it did not feel effortless.

This morning I had a scheduled 3 mile A.M. run before work. While Scott was showering I slipped into my running clothes, grabbed my head lamp, and gave Scott a quick kiss as I walked out of the house. He had bet his money that I would bail on the A.M. run. SUCKER! The run was better than last night. My avg. pace was still around 8:50ish for each mile but with this run my body felt more normal as I ran.

This afternoon I have a 90 ride. I am so excited to get on the bike! After the ride you can bet I will have my compression socks on. Heck, if I could fit my entire body in them I would!!

More fun to come on Friday.




Judi said...

i think i may bow out of any tri's this year. i am liking the bike racing. :) glad you had a good swim. i cannot wait till our outdoor pool is open.

Scott Keeps Running said...

I love the runs when the body agrees with the mind. :)

Marlene said...

You seem to be able to do it all! Well done on the swim and runs. Hope you had a great long ride!

Dave said...

people that can get in the pool and do what you did after not being in the pool for a long people make me sick...;-)

Wes said...

It felt great

Then it was good....

He had bet his money that I would bail on the A.M. run. SUCKER!

You WIN! I love it :-)

Have a great weekend!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Glad that the swimming is coming naturally! You rock!