Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tri Time

Testing out the new Team Tri Suit

Most triathletes have been in full swing with Tri events already under their belts this year. Not me. Most have been swimming several times a week for months. Not me. BUT one month from today I will race in my first Tri this season and so today I will begin my swim.

A gracious teammate scored me some swim passes so it works out to 2 swim sessions a week all the way up to the event. Being that this is a Sprint distance I feel sure that I will be fine and not drown. LOL. Luckily I am a fish in the water and pray that I feel at home as the laps pass.

What I have been incorporating each week is mini bricks. LOVE THEM! Following 1 or 2 rides per week I have a 10 to 20 minute run following. My transition times are not lighting fast but I am faster than a turtle :).

Today I will have a run following my swim session. 5 mile tempo is on the plan.

As I marked off Caesars Head from the list this past weekend I will have to admit I am more focused on my goals more than ever now. Many things need to be worked on but my mind is right where it needs to be...focused and loving it all!



teacherwoman said...

I too have a triathlon a month from today. time to get back in the pool... or on a schedule again. I have been slacking a bit since the 5K/10K challenge this past weekend!

Marlene said...

Great pic! Awesome that you
re staying focused on those goals and workong on your swim!

Dave said...

Lord have you win your age group...which will really piss me off...since you are only going to swim a handful of times...;-)

Judi said...

nice trisuit girl!

Grey Beard said...

So there are aerobars in your future? Hee, hee. Welcome to the dark side :D

Stuart said...

hmmm new bike?

Mel-2nd Chances said...

So excited that you're venturing into tri!!! Awesome :)