Monday, May 24, 2010

MIND (first) BODY (second)

Leading up to the ride on Saturday I had to keep my mind in a positive place. For far too long I have avoided climbing Caesars Head but the time had arrived and this needed to be marked off the list once and for all.

A group of 11 set out on a foggy, very humid morning to ride the 22 miles of rollers until we reached the base of the main climb. Up until this point we were moving along in the low 19mph avg. ramping it up then to slow it down and regroup. So far so good.

As we started the 6 mile climb we all settled into our own pace. Some were able to stay together while some of us rode alone. About a mile into it I was alone. I found my cadence and then shifted my focus onto something more important than myself. See this ride would be for Debbie. She has given such a fight against the battle of cancer and my 6 miles of legs burning and suffering would be nothing. Each week she faces much harder climbs as she takes another round of treatment only to have days of sickness to follow. So when my mind would tell me to take a break, stop for a moment, I pushed on and celebrated her strength and courage she has against this nasty Cancer.

Rolling in at the top of Caesars Head!

The turns were tight. The fog was thick. 2200 feet of climbing in this once section. Still with each peddle stroke I felt her strength and with this I smiled. All of my own fears set aside.

Celebrating a successful climb for all :)

I reached the top… Scott reached the top... and as a family of cyclist we celebrated in our journey up the mountain. Truly amazing!!

Honoring Debbie and her fight with Cancer!!

In all we shared 60 miles. Would not change a moment of this. I am forever changed to surrounded by such a blessing.

Scott and I have both taken on the challenge to ride in the Challenge to Conquer Cancer this year. I rode last year. It was a life changing experience. This year we will complete the journey together. Raising $10,000. Over 1400 miles will be covered until we reach Austin, TX.

If you wish to donate go here – (please make sure to select either Scott or Robin Blackburn)

For a donation of $25 you can forward me the IN HONOR OF or IN MEMORY OF individual and we will write the person’s name on our arm warmer or cycling jersey to carry this person with us during this entire journey this year.

For a donation of $50 in addition to the above, we will also have an IN HONOR OF or IN MEMORY OF magnet placed on the ride support car for the entire trip to Austin, TX for everyone to see. This magnet will be sent to you after the event is complete.

Every donation counts!

Please consider helping if you can.



Wes said...

Where the mind leads, the body will follow. I hope Debbie's mind wins this battle (with a little help of her super cool friends :-)

OtterPop said...

I am so fortunate to know you all! You inspire me every day. I'd have given up a long time ago if I hadn't learned from you guys to keep things in perspective and always look at the bigger picture: knowing that someone else can't do what we are blessed to be able to do. I keep this in mind every time I ride.

I am proud of you for marking Caesar's off your list, and I plan to do the same as soon as the opportunity is there. Love you!

Stuart said...

Great job, looks like a perfect day for a ride!

Marlene said...

What a wonderful tribute to your friend!

ShirleyPerly said...

SUPER job!!!

You never cease to amaze me. That is some serious climbing, something I've never done before as we have nothing that comes even close here in FL.

Best of luck with your new cross-country adventure!