Thursday, May 20, 2010

Looking Straight Ahead

I love contest/giveaways! This boniband arrived from one that Stuart hosted. THANKS!!

My focus this week is to do ALL that coach has written on my plan for this week. In advance I knew I would be suffering some/a lot. Here are just two of the days noted below:

Tuesday – I arrived to join the group for a 30 mile ride through the country. It was announced that we were just going to take it easy tonight. I fooling myself to believe this and then the hammering began. Somewhere within the first 10 miles we had a breakaway group leaving about 6-8 of us to settled into a nicer pace that ended in an 18.4 mph avg overall. I am learning that we no longer really know how to keep it at an easy pace…lol. I LOVE MY TEAM and I LOVE others that join us each week sharing these miles. Following the ride I racked my bike and headed out for a 10 minute run. As I was leaving the parking lot I LOL because Coach was there watching the 4 of us that she trains. I was lucky to only have 10 minute run. The others had 20 minute. All finished strong.

Wednesday – These intervals would prove to be a challenge. After warming up for 1 mile I then had 5 minute all out hard effort followed by 3 minute recovery to repeat 3 times then a 1 mile cool down to finish it off. Listed are just the all out sessions:

Sprint #1 – 7:48 pace (even with a slight downhill my legs were not happy)

Sprint #2 – 7:24 pace (flat but better)

Sprint #3 – 7:33 pace (slight, short hill followed by flat)

HOLY COW this was hard for me. 5 minutes seemed more like for-freaking-ever. Don’t even want to know what the interval mix will be next week.

Caesar's Head Climb!

This weekend I am marking off something on my list I have avoided for too long as a local cyclist. I will be climbing Caesars Head. A 6 mile section with tight turns and some steep pitches. The drop offs on the sides freak me out so I am just going to look straight ahead. In all our ride will end with 65 miles.



ShirleyPerly said...

Yes, 5 minutes all-out will feel like forever. GREAT job getting faster on those all-out efforts.

And have fun on your weekend ride. I sooooo miss my weekend long rides so I will have to live vicariously through you. Don't go off the edge on us ;-)

Wes said...




Marlene said...

Great bondi band! Very appropriate for you!

Good luck this weekend.. be safe!

teacherwoman said...

Have fun with that ride this weekend! I can't wait to read all about it!

Judi said...

hey girlie, i am loving the intervals now. i had 2x10min efforts and it hurt like a MF but they are helping!

OtterPop said...

You are going to kick Caesar's BUTT this weekend (or kick him straight in his head, whichever)! I am excited for you to mark this off your list! It inspires me even more to work towards that as one of my goals for this year. :)

Grey Beard said...

Big George's favorite ride! Have fun with your shiny new 12-27. Can't wait for the ride report. Pics plz :D

Stuart said...