Monday, May 17, 2010

Waiting for the NUMBERS

This is my sons "happy face" (he hates to smile but has an amazing one when he does)

It seems I always do so well on the food front for weeks. Then I have a taste of some evil-sugar love and it is ON!

This weekend we went camping. Need I say more? I pigged out. Junked out. Even got a little workout out but the damage from 3 days on junk leaves my body feeling toxic today. time to bring it back into balance.

On tape this week:

Mon. - 45 minute strength training, 60 stretch x
Tue. - 30 mile group ride, 10 minute run following
Wed. - 30 minutes of hard intervals (long sprints)
Thur. - 60 minute cycle, 40 minute moderate pace run
Fri. - OFF
Sat. - 4.5 hour long ride, 15 minute run following, 60 minute Group Yoga
Sunday - 60 minute cycle, 45 minute moderate pace run

All this means something important. Junk in is junk out so today it was back to some clean eating. In truth the junk was good but the cleaner eating is becoming more my thing. The junk is not that hard to cut down/out. Just hoping the scale does not reflect some bad!!
Make this week count everyone!



Wes said...

I binged for a week. I'm 10 lbs overweight. We mustn't have that! Gah!! OK. Well, I'm way more than 10, but 10 would be a good start :-)

Bethany + Ryan said...

i'm sure you'll have no trouble getting back on track with the clean eating since its so much better!! you don't look old enough in that picture to have a son that big!

Runner Mom said...

Hmmm....must have been the weekend for that! I had home made strawberry milkshakes on Sat. that were out of this world...and last night, sweet potato pie with pecans on top! Mercy!

Marlene said...

YES, I am with you on "junk in is junk out". I have adopted that mantra recently. I am currently enjoying some post-marathon treats but I am actually anxious to clean up my diet again!

Stuart said...

I am with Wes...time to clean up!

Grey Beard said...

Prune juice is mother nature's all natural cleanser. Also very high in carbohydrates - 43 grams per 8oz serving IIRC - and loaded with great minerals. Just don't tell anyone it's your clean machine. Very embarrassing. Our little secret?

Dave said...

everything taste better camping...especially bacon...and lot's of it...

Bethany + Ryan said...

what?!? impossible! wow, good for you!

ShirleyPerly said...

Hee, I never went camping when I was a kid but I hated to smile for photos too and remember many like that one with my parents.

And it sounds like you'll be able to get back on the clean eating bandwagon easily so one weekend of eating junk won't have done much permanent damage.

Scott Keeps Running said...

I'm sure the beer tasted good under the stars too. :)

teacherwoman said...

love the photo!

Isn't it amazing how crappy one can feel when falling off the be-go-to-your-body-with-good-nutrition-wagon for a few days? Blech.