Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Split

First Tri in 2 years was…. Well…… HOT!!! I really went into the event with the goal of just seeing what it would be like to dip my feet back into the sport. No goals set other than to survive the heat. Eight of us girls from my team hit the road on Friday and just had a blast together!!

With little to no sleep we arrived to set up. Everything went as planned and before you knew it we were gathering in our age groups for our swim starts. Open lake with water that was so warm. My stomach was a real mess. I jump in the water and off we go. The 500 meters was not bad mainly because I was not really pushing it. I need more swims to make some real improvements (only 7 so far this year).

After the swim I get my bike and head out to the "mounting area" where you can then take off. Well I thought I was clipped in but as my foot left the pedal I did a major split landing on my bike bar. Can you say - HOLY FREAKING COW PAINFUL?!! Both feet went the opposite directions and it just happened so fast. After picking up my ego I managed to get going...finally. Made decent time on the bike route. Stayed in my drops the entire course and just focused on a even strong peddle stroke. Nice rollers with a few climbs.

The run was hard. More hills right in the middle section and we were in full sun by this point of the race. Hot…hot…HOT!

When it was all said and done I did exactly what I set out to do…get me feet wet in the sport again. My transitions times were awful… did I take a nap or what?...LOL!

Here are the results

Swim - 500 meters - 12:14

T1 - 2:15 (I really did not try to speed through this)

Bike - 14 miles - 45:58 (18.2 mph avg)

T2 - 2:06 (same as T1)

Run – 5k - 24:46 - 7:58 avg per mile HOT!!!

Total - 1:27:17

To top off the weekend we headed out early on Sunday morning for a ride with about 8 or so others. Let’s just say we climbed…and climbed ….and well you get it. Here are just a few pics..

Scott and I before the ride

Only in the South do you find an Eatery like this..lol

These girls ROCK!!

So now I rinse and repeat for this week. Next Tri is 4 weeks and another the following weekend. Time to set some goals for these.

Skills clinic tonight. Hoping to absorb some more useful info on climbing, cornering, descending, pace lining........oh my...

Ready to roll!



Dave said...

Always enjoy reading about your races...you don't know how good you are or could be...it is scary...you could own your age group I am guessing.

Wes said...

welcome back from the dark side :-)

Runner Mom said...

Can I just say how proud I am of you? You are amazing! That 5k time in heat alone (without a swim and a ride) is great! Whoohoo!!! Love ya!

Marlene said...

Congrats on the tri!! Sounds like it served its purpose and your performance looks pretty darn good to me!

Anonymous said...


Grey Beard said...

Great times Robin! The wx may not have been cool, but your performance sure was.

Nice distances on that Tri. If I could get my back and old knees to take the pounding I would love to tri myself. In the meantime, I will live vicariously through reading your race reports ;)

Stuart said...

ow ow ow!

Them's not the splits you want!

Nice job anyways!

Scott Keeps Running said...

Nice. And ouch. And great job in that heat. And cool pics. :)