Thursday, June 24, 2010


I remember taking this picture last Sunday as I washed and prepared for the next weeks of rides and training. Now fast forward to today and it really is all a blur.

So much riding, running and a few swims have taken place since then. Add in work and sleep and that basically wraps it all up.

On tap tonight will be a Summer Series race put on at the BMW Performance Center. What makes this one special is the female category start that we have been asking for. Now I imagine I may possibly be dropped on one of the many loops but more importantly I feel it is important to show up and be part of what we have been asking for. So count me in!

Friday afternoon I leave to head out of town for the night for my first Tri of the season Saturday morning. It is a Sprint distance event and my goal is to dip my feet back in the sport and have a blast with my fellow teammates. I believe there will be 7 of us going and racing together in our PINK Tri-kits! Can you say ROAD-TRIP?!

Sunday we will wrap up another awesome weekend with a 70ish mile ride promised to have tons of climbing.

Rinse and Repeat



Lily on the Road said...

Have a BLAST!!!

Runner Mom said...

Too fun!! Have a great the PINK! Miss you!

Wes said...

Super! Have fun!!

teacherwoman said...

And I thought I had plenty of water bottles! Too funny. Have fun, girl!

Judi said...

cant wait to see pix! you will look great, have fun!

JD said...

Oops, left a comment on the wrong blog. Good luck on your Tri this weekend! Hope you kick some major bootie!


Maryland Girl aka Michelle said...

Enjoy your race!

Stuart said...

Now that really is rinse and repeat!