Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A little Closer

Tri-It-For-Cancer was a hit this past weekend!! Now when Scott and I first hatched this plan with Jeni the thought of holding an indoor Tri-style event for 24 hrs seemed exciting…until you are up for that entire time. LOL! Scott and Jeni toughed it out and made the event a huge success. The money raised will help each of them in reaching their fundraising goals for the Challenge to Conquer Cancer.

At the request of a fellow blogger please consider helping Scott and I reach our goal by donating at the following link: Challenge-To-Conquer-Cancer

Select either Robin Blackburn or Scott Blackburn in the dropdown box. Any amount counts..REALLY!!

With this weekend we also managed joining the group for our weekend training ride. We rolled at 6:30 a.m. in hopes to beat the heat of the day. Success! It was a WET adventure but how can you not have a blast with this group? The laughter shared just feeds my soul! A nice rounded 50 miles… YES.

Last night Scott and I worked on tackling chores L. Because I was so tired I was borderline ….drama girl…which I SO hate. Anyway, at 7:45pm he comes to me and tells me that I must be in bed by 8:30pm..no excuses. So I did not argue. Only thing is that when he saw me tweeting in bed so he took my phone from me too. LOL!!

Today I feel like a new woman. Amazing what sleep can do for you!



Marlene said...

Congrats on the fundraising event!

Glad you're feeling better after a good sleep. Ugh, chores! So easy to fall behind with all the training.

Wes said...

drama girl yup, that's you! don't know how Scott can stand it ;-)

Runner Mom said...

Craig said that he saw you out in the boondocks on Sat.!! And, Phebe saw you Sun at the tri!! Everybody is seeing you but me!!!!!!!!! OK, time for a run!! I signed up for the Paris Mtn. trail 7k--short but sweet in this weather. Would love to run with you.

Judi said...

drama is my middle name. :) my major in HS @ performing arts too dammit. hope you are doing well. just made hotel confirmations for imky to cheer. will miss you!! SAM IS BYE BYE!

COTY said...

great post !