Monday, August 16, 2010

Quietly Celebrating

Back when…. before I learned how to really play hard on the weekends… Monday’s would be a bit easier to take. I have grown to embrace that they are now called “rest days” but I still have to get up and do the adult work stuff. Today I look… well …. A little like I just rolled out of bed. Every time I go to the bathroom and get a glimpse of myself in the mirror… well it isn’t pretty.

Saturday was an EPIC day for me in several ways. A small group of us rode 71 miles to the Blue Ridge Parkway and back. The miles would not be what would make this ride BIG for me it would be the 8000 feet of elevation gain in climbing that would do it. One section alone goes for close to 10 miles and has an avg. grade of 9% with no let up in sight. To this point I was fine. I was really enjoying this challenge but with each turn up and around the mountain the fog became thicker and the temps had dropped 22 degrees from where we had began.

The plan was to take a celebration picture at the top with everyone but after a minor meltdown on my part I reached the turnaround point and headed back down immediately. The visibility was so bad and it was beginning to rain. With the combination of the roads beginning wet, very little visibility and being cold I had just a bit of drama stirring. This part was way out of my comfort zone for sure…. Still I was doing it and with this I was quietly celebrating my own courage and strength.

We made our way down and stopped to share in some needed calories. Already celebrating in our climb we laughed and enjoyed the day’s events even in the pouring down rain. What an EPIC adventure and measurable gains for both me and Scott! We have just about the best group of core friends that we ride with week after week. I would not take anything for them. Each person brings their own level of ability to the group and encourages each other to keep moving and growing. Truly a blessing!

Later in the day I dipped myself in a ton of bio-freeze and chased a few advil down with a Mango Margarita. Now this is what living life is all about.

I encounter friends of mine that have no clue why Scott and I do what we do week after week. What would seem a chore to some is an amazing adventure to us. In fact, some even express their desire for me to stop. I find this place that they are in to be sad.

For me, I would not change a thing!



Marlene said...

Ahhh Mondays... I also have a new appreciation for the day since Sundays are my biggest training day. Got to love the rest. Too bad about that work business getting in the way. Blah!

Awesome job on the EPIC ride Saturday!

Wes said...

I just can't believe somebody would have the audacity to ask you to stop (unless it was immediate family). Keep living life to the fullest!!

OtterPop said...

Don't change. Ever. Not that you ever would, but one thing (of the many!) I value so much about our friendship is your determination to stick to your convictions. You guys inspire me more than I can explain in words!

Grey Beard said...
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Grey Beard said...

If salt hath lost its salt, wherefore shall it be salted?

I would never think to ask a touchstone to be but a grain of sand on the beach.

Please do continue to be the awesome person you are. There is plenty of mediocrity to go around already.

NY Wolve said...

That is a pretty awesome ride. I bet sand fog and rain, the view would have been incredible.

I remember a couple of years ago I was training for a marathon. We had weekend plans away, and no way was I going to get my 18 miler in away. So I ran it in the morning before we left. I was exhausted (and after about 15 cocktails and late at night), I actually fell asleep at our host's table after dinner. Everyone thought I was CRAZY for running 18 miles that morning.

But inside, I knew it was good.

Anonymous said...

How lame to ask you something like that? As if you were smoking or something. But maybe they are just jealous and can't believe their own lazy butts!

Dave said...

Wonderful post...incredible ride...great fortitude...way to push through the comfort zone...and as for those friends that want you to quit...tell them if they aren't living on the edge...they are taking up too much room.