Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Gutting Out the Misery

What has four letter and has the same meaning as misery??? Come on ... you know what it is..... ????

B-O-N-K!!!!! holy mother alive it was the hardest mental weekend getting through the miles of training. I was empty, stupid on the fuel, and just plain burnt out.

78 miles on Saturday and I suffered from mile 1! Legs were full of cement. Sunday I had a training ride with my team for a 40 mile road race we have next Saturday that I completely forgot about. Anyway, I get there to practice the course and I felt like my legs were detached from my body. It was unreal!! SUCKFEST is more like it.

Anyway, I suffered for 2 laps (each 15 miles)

lap 1 - 18.3 mph avg

lap 2 - 16.8 mph avg

Racked my bike and went home.

So in the words of my friend, Roy I am proud of myself for getting in the miles and gutting out the misery :)



teacherwoman said...

Suckage indeed! Way to gut out the misery! Mind over matter, right?!

TRI-james said...

There is a fine line between toughing it out and calling it quits. Looking at the way your pace dropped off you made the right call.

Wes said...

sounds like my Sunday ride as well. nothing to do but push through it best you can. you will still come out stronger on the other side!

Marlene said...

Hope you are fueling up, recovering and feeling better this week!

Way to GUT IT OUT! (I like that)

Donna said...

I was right there with you GF although my body for the most part felt fine....it was my mind and spirit that wanted me off that bike. I was happy to be sharing in the Suckfest with you. Funny thing though....you still ride freakin strong even when you are hurting. : )) See you tonight I hope.

Stephanie said...

Sounds like some real self-torture:-) Ok, come on...you like it:-)

Have a wonderful race next weekend. I'm sure you're so ready now.

Runner Mom said...

Bless your heart...or legs!! Sorry about your ride, but I know that you made the right decision and will be stronger because of it!

Dave said...

way to suck it up...right now I am not there...

Stuart said...

Yep what doesn't kill you will make you stronger and wiser!

Need your input on my latest post, pretty please!

Elise said...

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