Thursday, September 9, 2010

Three Things Thursday

I like the idea of this title so I am going with it :) Thanks Marlene!

1 - What crazies out there joined me in on my little challenge last week? Remember to leave a comment with your time and I will send you your prize!

My results??? 42:38!!!! I am getting closer and closer to the 60 minute goal. Truth is that the effort and cadence were great. I think I eased up mainly out of mental boredom. Still, i am becoming more and more convinced at the benefit of the high cadence and steady effect workout.
C3 Rides 104 miles on one of the most amazing days!
2 - After our 104 mile C3 group training ride on Saturday and then a recovery ride on Sunday Scott and I decided to do something different on Monday. We moved our bedroom around. I love it!!!

3 - I have been planning my 2011 events for weeks now. Last night I kind of had a curve ball thrown that might change up a thing or two but my A race is still in sight. Now I just need a ton of $GREEN$ to pay for it all. Don't we all? :)

Happy to report that life is still moving right along. Busy but what a blast!


Marlene said...

Sometimes it's just easier to throw together a post in "three things" for mat. :)

The bedroom looks great! I have been wanting to do that forever... if you can find the time, surely I can!

Wes said...

having a blast is all I need to hear :-)

Grey Beard said...

Dreading this challenge, but suspect once moving the butterflies will fly away. Besides, I LOVE prizes!

As you are channeling Christina Aguilera today, suspect further "rearrangement" ensued ;)

Grey Beard said...


146 BPM for 1:00:51 ~ 88% max HR
(we won't talk about cadence)

Bad outing. Gatorade too strong, which led to cramping and general weakness. Surprisingly, the heart was more willing than legs. Oh, and don't plan a TT the ends 20 miles from home. OMFG that was a long ride home. Cold, dark, cramping, and exhausted.

Anonymous said...

2011 plans...gee it's almost that time again, especially with races selling out so fast these days. Good to hear you are well and riding.

Stuart said...

103 miles training ride! My you've come a long way...