Monday, November 1, 2010

Greenville to AUSTIN on 2 Wheels!

Challenge to Conquer Cancer – WHAT AN AMAZING WEEK!

The idea or riding relay from Greenville, SC to Austin, TX (1500 miles)is …well….. AWESOME! The days were long and riding so many shifts in the dark was a challenge. Knowing that we are making a difference with Cancer restores my faith in humanity. It is sad being home but also good.

This trip changes you… in a good way. It was a very emotional time. More than blessed to experience so many gifts of hope and love. One that I hold close to my heart was being able to share every mile with my husband! I am so proud of all of the hard work he has put in this year.

Here are some interesting facts:
• Total time on the saddle – 27 hours (this includes the LiveStrong Challenge in Austin)
• I got a saddle sore the first shift of riding and by the end of the second shift we named it Armando. He stayed with me the entire ride! Ouch! (He would praise the team in a sexy voice after each ride but only yelled when speaking to
• Scott (my husband) managed to hit his head twice on the van back hatch, smashed his pinky finger playing air-hockey, and had his right hand smashed in the car door. There was more but I will save you the details :).
• I stayed awake 33 hours without sleep and did not kill anyone. I came close to smashing a girl’s hairdryer into 30 thousand pieces…. LOVE YOU DONNA :).
• Coolest moment during a ride for me was the lady who yelled out of her car window at a stop light “I am a SURVIOR
• I believe I peed in every county that we covered. 100% hydrated.
• Our team may or may not have MOONED another team one night. Rumors are sometimes true. Lol.
• I ate 7 pb&j’s and loads of candy and crap. Gained 1 lbs.
• At the LiveStrong 5k we pushed one of our Warriors in a wheel chair. He had us stop about a ¼ mile from the finish and got out of the chair and walked the last bit.
• Our event raised $200,000!! Simply amazing!

So last week I took the entire week OFF! My recovery consisted napping daily after work every day and a few beers (maybe more than a few)here and there. Not the smartest plan but man was it nice.

Now I am easing back into things keeping it light. I start official Ironman training at the end of the month and want to be fresh.

THANK YOU to each person that supported both Scott and me during the past few months. You know who you are and without you we could not have reached our goal.



Marlene said...

I have GOOSEBUMPS reading this. Remarkable!!!

Wes said...

huh... I wonder if Armando showed up on my 112 mile ride :-D

Great work out there! I love this fight in particular, and kudos to you and the team for knocking this one OUT OF THE PARK!

You and Scott need to come visit me sometime! We can ride the Silver Comet out to Alabama and back, or sumfin like that!



Runner Mom said...

We are all so proud of both of you!! And the story of the lady telling you she is a survivor--kleenex time! Seriously want to do lunch one day next week with you and catch up!
Love you!!

teacherwoman said...

Sounds like an amazing event! Congrats! I saw so many pictures on FB and it just looked awesome!

Karen said...

What a wonderful experience! You should be very prou - congratulations :)

Grey Beard said...

So happy you and Scott got to share this journey as riders this year. I'm sure that change alone make the ride much fresher this year, and brought many new delights. Also cool your experience was put to good use leading the more challenging night rides. A huge implied compliment.

My slides of my bike tours I did with my Ex are always a source of pride and joy. Even though we went separate ways, those memories we both cherish dearly.

Bob said...

That is incredible, great job!

Stuart said...

Awesome, what an achievement!

Congrats to you, Scott and your team!