Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Water…more water…veggies…water…lean meats…fruits…. This spells DETOX and it is doing my body GOOD! My husband is not always a fan of this because when I clean up my diet it means his will get attention as well. Lol. The key is always in the planning and prep the night before. No problem.

So I took my week off and enjoyed too many spirits and tasty foods. Now I am easing back into things. Short runs and easy spins. Next week Scott and I begin an 8 week yoga clinic and will be joined by some of our closest friends. Hope we don't misbehave and get kicked out of class. I need some extra stretching time. My flexibility sucks!

Mentally I am fresh and feel incredible this week. Last week I was not so fresh but this week…give me another!



Wes said...

you 2 better behave... in class anyways ;-)

teacherwoman said...

detox feels good, doesn't it!? Nice work!

Lily on the Road said...

Detox, well good for you "both", it will help!!

Yoga for 8 weeks, now that will help your flexibility after all the cycling you've been doing. Congrat's by the way!!!

Judi said...

your discipline is incredible. i feel mine slipping away. go girl. you look amazing too.