Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bored Already....

It is hard but I am finally wrapping my head around the fact that I do indeed need to lighten the load until the end of the year so that I can be 100% fresh and ready to begin the training needed for the Louisville Ironman in August 2011.

After some whining about being bored already and the feeling of losing fitness I receive this response:

You are losing fitness. But that's ok! You want to shed all of your fatigue before you start. Otherwise you're fitness will plateau and you'll see little improvement over the next season.

The words ring true and I must get my mind plugged into this way of thinking.

So for now this is my schedule until the end of December (insert a big yawn)

Monday – off

Tuesday – Ride 45 minutes followed by a 15 minute run

Wed. – 45 minute run / 1 hour yoga

Thursday – Ride 60 minutes

Friday – 30 – 45 minute run

Saturday – Ride 2 hours

Sunday – Run 60 minutes

All of the above are to be completed in the Zone 2 or very low Zone 3 range. This is much harder than it sounds but I am working on it. Slowing down seems…well….SLOW.

I also will be adding 2 strength days and will begin this next week on Tuesday and Thursday.

To mix things up a bit I am TRAIL RUNNING on Saturday with some friends. It has been forever and my heart will love every step.



Marlene said...

I'm with you... enjoying a break but also feeling like I am going backwards. Trying to keep busy with other things! Cross-training, how I have missed you.... (not really)

Judi said...

you are making me want to do tri's again. or at least train for them.

Dave said...

Great new look...true words on recovering...and sorry I missed you and Scott...what a fall

Grey Beard said...

I sleep in Zone 3. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!

teacherwoman said...

Makes sense to me. I can see how it would be hard to slow down... and boring! Enjoy it while it lasts!

Peter H said...

The strength training gets more important as you get older. Am over 60 and have found the 2-3 sessions each week of strength conditioning is making a big difference to both swimming and riding, well over and above the actual aerobic training in the water or on the bike.

A period of light training is a sensible option. Just watch the diet.......less calories consumed = less needed too!!

Stuart said...

Enjoy the downtime!

The was an interesting article in Triathlete magazine I think about muscle memory

I am sure you won't be forgetting anything soon!

Wes said...

true. lose fitness, but retain muscle memory. you'll come back stronger. quit your whining and go drink something fruity, with alcohol already :-)

Runner Mom said...

I want to run trails with you!!!