Monday, November 22, 2010

Jacked UP!

This past weekend I had the privilege of attending the Andy Potts Tri clinic here in South Carolina. Months back I entered a drawing for a free entry and WON! ( I will note that mentioning that you won a free spot does not make you many friends ). So the clinic was 2 days and filled to the max with lectures, drills, and just so much information. Saturday we did drills in the pool and Sunday we did a ride and then run. By far my ride was the strongest of the three and the run was my next but still left me sucking wind from the back of the pack. Lol. The weather was perfect and I was in heaven.

What I came away with most is that keeping things simple is best. Don’t over think every part of everything. Quality is far better than quantity.

Favorite quotes of the weekend –


Dream It – Live It

Train to Eliminate Your Weaknesses

I Can – I Will

Seriously, if I were not already so jacked about next year I definitely am now!



Marlene said...

Wow, what a great prize to win! Sounds like it was very worthwhile.

Stuart said...

LOL no wonder you have been keeping a low profile!

Sounds like a blast!

teacherwoman said...

Love it!

Coachhrd said...

That's a pretty awesome prize.

Dave said...

Awesome...sounds like a great weekend...looking forward to hearing about your next week.

Wes said...

what a treat that is... did you grab Andy's butt? :-)