Monday, November 29, 2010

Playing It Smart

Just a few more weeks and I will begin a more focused swim-bike-run training routine. It is really hard to resist starting too early once you sign up. The high from signing up alone is unexplainable. So what is keeping me grounded and busy??......Lots of yoga, running (trail and road), some spinning and a small dash of mountain biking (not my fav).

Before anyone goes praising me for playing it smart I could not resist this morning and signed up for a local half marathon that will take place on Jan.8th :).



Wes said...

half marathon is OK! I woulda worried if you had signed up for a full :-) Next year is going to be FUN!!!

Grey Beard said...

Great time of year to run. Road biking can get pretty cold. Wrapped my shoes in SpaceBlanket yesterday and went for a ride. Toes nice and warm, but otherwise a cold ride. Love that thick, thick air though. Like growing a 3rd lung!

J~Mom said...

Aww we are the same!! I am trying so hard to not ramp up the volume!!! So excited for you!