Monday, December 6, 2010


This time of year you can find a ton of local 5k to 10k distance events. As much as I would love to jump in them all the race fees just add up too fast. So what does a girl do??

I wish that I could claim this idea myself but my masterful friend, TEDD, dreamed up and planned an Underground Trail Race event that was held this past weekend.

The full details are too much for me even to post but I will say that those that attended may or may not have had a beer by 9am, may or may not have gotten wet in the swamp waters in 40 degree temps, and may or may not have gotten down to their buffs. It was a race for the books.

So this month is proving to be adventurous for sure. I am keeping it light and fun and relaxing before my fun begins on January 1st.


Wes said...

you drank beer by 9 AM? WHY WAS I NOT INVITED? :-D

Marlene said...

I'd do just about anything for a free race! Great outfit. :)

Runner Mom said...

Why was I not invited???? How fun! And, y'all look adorable!
Love ya!

Dave said...

Sounds like to much fun....really!

Grey Beard said...

Good times! Winter is a great time to reacquaint ourselves with the FUN of our sports, far from the relentless pressing of training goals and event rides.

Love your goofy side Robin!