Monday, December 13, 2010

Week 37 (Let the Party Start)

I am a trail girl at heart. I love getting lost in thought while you make your way through the woods. Saturday Scott and I set out for a run with awesome some friends of ours and knocked out 9 miles. November and December have been about mixing and changing things up from the normal scheduled training workouts. Total SUCCESS!!!

Today marks my first day of Ironman Training. I have decided to start one week early since I know I will miss most of the week following Christmas while we are out of town. First things first….. Signed back up with the YMCA. Their brand new facility is less than 3 miles from our house. A must since I will have my first scheduled swim tomorrow.

I have given much thought about how I wanted to blog about this new journey. For now I believe I will post twice a week. Once on Monday and then on Friday. My main objective is to keep things in balance. Family beginning first. Blogging will hopefully help me see when things start tipping.

This week calls for a total of 5 ½ hours of combined workouts. It is mainly all about acclimating to the new routine. On tap this week - 2 runs, 2 swims, 2 bikes, 2 Strength Training.

Let the fun begin!



Dave said...

oh...the world of "balance" And training for an IM or Ultra...balance what's that? REady to follow your are one of the best amatuer athletes I know with some natural skills...I have my finish prediciton for you....but will hold on to it till later....trails are where one finds the center of their universe...don't you think?

Wes said...

meh... just blog when you have something to say. We'll be here :-)

Grey Beard said...

I'm all for mixing it up in winter, and looking at another week, at least, of these cold, steel-gray skies, where not a ray of sunshine gets through for days on end, I am ready to have some fun at the gym, and break out my mtb again.

Balance, yeah, that. How's that done again? Oh, well maybe by changing things up so you do things not dependent on the whims of mother nature.

J~Mom said...

YAY!!! Let the party begin!!! :>D