Thursday, December 16, 2010

Goggle Failure

This week has been amazing. I feel a level of comfort in knowing that I am finally, officially training for something I have dreamed about for so long now. With this first week the plan is all about just getting acclimated to the new schedule of things. One challenge is getting my A$$ out of bed and to the gym when it is 14 degrees outside at 5am in the morning. I am a morning person BUT the bitter cold temps are making this hard.

First swim was an easy 800 meters. My 17 year old son joined me and followed the workout prescription just as it was written. He forgot his goggles and mine pair was a total failure. By the time we left the YMCA we both looked like we were jacked up on a week long drug high. He enjoyed the workout and expressed interest in returning with me on Friday.

After reading Marlene's post this week on how she has successfully managed to shed some unwanted pounds I thought I would have a little fun this morning and add up my breakfast calories.

Coffee - 10

2 tsp of sugar 96

1 tsp of powered creamer - 30

2 Ego Waffles 142

1 tbsp of peanut butter - 150 (holy cow this stuff packs the calories)

So even though I am came in at 428 calories I can totally see where I am taking in some real bad ones at the end of the day. Margarita's are 450 calories. Let me just say that I have been enjoying a few too many of these during the month of December. Want to have some fun? here is the website I used Calorie Count .

Today's fun - 60 minute Bike and Strength/Core



Marlene said...

Congrats on kicking off your IM training!!! Good luck with the mornings. It's so tough this time of year and I am sticking mainly to lunch/evening.

Yep, those calories seem to sneak out of nowhere sometimes!

Judi said...

oh boy. wait till you have 3k swims 3xs a week. the build to peak is amazing, you will have a great adventure, this training you are getting ready for!

Stuart said...

Yep it all adds up especially this time of the year!

Peter H said...

Goggles are so very personal.......and you cannot fit them before buying. That sucks.

I am a Speedo google fan from way back, although currently use a TYR pair.

They need to fit and fit well!! good luck with that.