Monday, December 20, 2010

One Week Down - 36 to go!

Today I lost a dear sweet friend to Cancer. She was a fighter but even more than that she was an angel. Her presence alone would fill you with a peace and comfort. These past two years I rode in honor of her in the Challenge to Conquer Cancer. This past year she stayed until the entire team departed from Greenville. The precious memory of her being there will be beautiful gift I will hold close to my heart forever.

Austin, TX - In Honor of Debbie

I truly believe that the best gift we are given is the gift of our health. That is why I feel so passionate about all that I do. The goals that I set. In all of my training I will carry my sweet friends name as a reminder to never lose sight of this. She loved life and loved being active.

So I have successfully completed my first week of training. Only 36 more to go! Today starts with a bit if good effort and I am looking forward to it.

Run – Monday

15 minutes zone 3

15 minutes zone 4

15 minutes zone 3

Swims are increasing by 400 meters. My son seemed excited about this since he has joined me for each swim session so far. Bike workouts are 100% trainer at the current time. I am actually enjoying this controlled environment since it is just COLD here right now. I am wimping on bundling up and riding the roads.

Week ahead –

Swim – 2 sessions

Bike – 2 sessions

Run – 3 sessions

Strength – 2-3 sessions

Yoga – 1

Bring it – Robin


Marlene said...

I'm sorry for the loss of your friend; it sounds like she left quite an impact on you and many others.

Congratulations on your first week of training! Do it for those who can't!

Dave said...

Robin, I am sorry for your lost...but this will help you carry on during those dark training hours.

Wes said...

and so it starts... It will be here before you know it :-)

Scott Keeps Running said...

I feel blessed every day for my health. I hope I never take it for granted.