Sunday, January 2, 2011

Looking Forward

Success in my first three weeks of training for IMKY. Now I know that all of this newness will wear-off soon but right now am loving it! All of it! Most of all I love the structure to the workouts prescribed.

My runs are still anywhere between 45min to 60 min, rides on the trainer are 1hr 15min each, and the swims are holding steady between 1700 - 1900 meters.

For Christmas I asked for all things fitness related. One of my favorite gifts is the new dvd yoga by Biggest Loser, Bob Harper. I am totally addicted to it. Within one week I managed to complete it 4 times. Highly recommend it.
(Scott actually feel asleep after only doing 15 minutes of yoga with me. LOL!)
(yes I slept in my compression socks on Christmas. It is the new sexy)
I also got a running skirt. Now I see what I have been missing out on. Will ask for another for my birthday. Now from my son I received a Ironman Triathlon Watch. What makes this so special is that he picked it and paid for it on his own. anyone need to know what time it is :)))))

Your body follows the attitude you have and I will do everything to keep mine in a positive, thankful place this year ahead.



Marlene said...

Awesome Christmas goodies and congrats on week 3!

Happy New Year! Your IRON Year awaits!!!

Wes said...

ride the wave of Ironman training all the way to the race. Trust me. It won't give out before race day!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

SO excited to follow your journey Robin! I'm taking baby steps behind you! Love running skirts too!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

- i sleep in my compression too!!!

- 2 things I find interesting in IM training, everyone notes the week they are on and that everyone is doing something different, my swims are 2500, but all trainer rides are 45 mins except for a long weekend 90 min

ShirleyPerly said...

Very excited for you doing your first ironman! I know how long you've wanted to do this. Hope the weather will warm up so you can get outside for your rides soon. Are you working with a coach or being self-coached? If the latter, which program are you following? (just curious :-)

Best of luck in 2011!

Peter H said...

If the Australian politician who is the Leader of the Opposition , Tony Abbott can train, then complete an ironman tri in a reasonable time [ 13 hrs approx] with all the time constraints of political life at a high level.....then you can too.

Stuart said...

Poor Scott!