Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ladder Run (repeat)

Although to some it may seem like I am not relaxing into the training and focus of this journey but I AM. For the largest part I am training solo. I actually like this since I can do it whenever and wherever. Still no one wants to do everything by themselves and on those days I have the great company of Scott (hubby), TeDD, and Bo for some running and riding mixes right now. Every single swim to date I have had the company of my youngest son who is just weeks away from turning 17. This group of junkies(along with many others I did not mention) have much different goals this year than I do but what I like is that we are all of the same mindset. CRAZY :)

This week I had a repeat of a workout from last week. After completing it last week with Bo and TeDD a review of the run data showed that I did not hit the target HR Zones and stayed in a higher one for far too much of the workout. Yesterday I set out to focus and nail this one.

Ladder Run

10 minute warm-up pace

4 min z3(low end) 1 min recovery

3 min z3(high end) 2 min recovery

2 min z4(low end) 3 min recovery

1 min z4(high end) 4 min recovery

Total run: 30 min.

Did I nail the targets?….no…but it was better than last week. I will take that. Add a full body strength and core workout with a dash of yoga and I finished a happy girl last night.

My main goal each and every day it to stay in the moment of that workout…not what is ahead in the days to come. Keeping it real!



Marlene said...

Staying in the moment of each workout... what a concept. I am always thinking ahead or looking back on my previous runs, running tallies n my head ETC! I am going to try to implement this strategy myself.

Keep it up!!!

Wes said...

the last 4-5 months of Ironman traiing (some would argue 12 weeks) is the most important. Nothing like having a big "A" race to keep you moving!

Dave said...

I for one, am glad you're keeping it real!