Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Before the Snow

FOUR WEEKS... 100% success of solid training with nothing missed.....then came the snow and ice...but wait a minute...I am getting ahead of myself.

Have I mentioned that I love the plan I am on so far? Well I do. The slow build and normalcy to it is so easy to adapt to. Maybe it is because I was so ready to get this party started.

Scott joined me for the Saturday 90minute Trainer session which ended with a 30 minute run.
Even at 9am it was barley 20 degrees.
We began with a few layers and within the first 20 minutes we were peeling them.

Sunday's run would wrap up the week for me. 45 min - low zone 4 run.... it was just awesome!

Then came the SNOW... 9 inches of it for Monday. On Tuesday we woke up to ice covered snow as it had sleeted off and on over the night. Now as I type this I am on day 3 of being home. Did I mention that my bike was at the shop getting some much needed maintenance love? OMG... I need to workout out! Too much energy. Yoga-gone-mad for this girl.

Not to worry folks... I am still on target for a solid 5th week of training. Of course I have a plan :). Robin


Marlene said...

I LOVE that your trainers are in the garage so you still get to enjoy the fresh air and sublight! Genius!

And congrats on week 4!

Wes said...

good on you! consistency is #1!!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I am in week 2, kinda fun watching everyone thats a tad ahead

Runner Mom said...

You two rock! Craig and I ventured out yesterday to try and at least walk a few was ugly! Arms flailing as we slipped on the ice! Dumb! But fun! Tapering week is truly that! I will run somehow tomorrow! Only 3, but I am ready!

Grey Beard said...

Great job Robin! Btw, we had such sleet covered snow in St Louis the first year I moved there, and the deer and birds couldn't get through it to food. Might have to put out some bird seed bells if it doesn't thaw. Hope you are enjoying yours. A rare treat in SC?

Mike Russell said...

It is those tough trainer rides that will carry you through the final miles. I never thought of putting my trainer in the garage -- it would work even when the roads are icy. I do prefer the TV in my basement pain cave, but that would be a great idea to mix it up.

Lily on the Road said...

Week four already!! This has been one crazy winter so far. Hang tough, spring is around the corner! HA!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Keep it up, girl! You're doing an awesome job!