Thursday, February 24, 2011

Out of Sorts

How is it that a recovery week has left me feeling more stressed and out of sorts than ever? I am training less hours but seem to have no time for anything!

I am on the tail end of this congestion funk that filled my head and chest last week. Yesterday was my first run since being sick. In a nutshell I ran 4 miles feeling some heaviness and weakness in my legs. Fuel would do me some good and as my appetite returns so will my strength. Enough whining!

Next week brings me to a new section of training. The hours increase and I begin to have more doubles throughout the week. So the fun stage is quickly coming to an end and I am excited about this next phase.

Snap Shot of the Week Ahead:

Monday – Swim, Bike

Tuesday – Run

Wednesday – Bike, Full Strength and Core Session

Thursday – Swim

Friday – Run

Saturday – Swim, Bike

Sunday – Run

*Add in a dash of yoga here and there*

Other notable happenings:

· Since beginning this Iron journey I am down 6lbs.

· My tri bike fit that I had last week has me in a much more aero-position. After my new stem comes in and the last adjustment is made I will then get busy becoming more comfortable riding in this new position.

· Our newest member, Tanner, is feeling more and more comfortable with his new home. After some freak out moments on my part yesterday I am feeling good again about this addition. It is seriously like having a new born in the house. Having to watch his every move as this cute little devil explores is very different for me.

Hope everyone is having a great week!



Big Daddy Diesel said...

I was in a serious funk the week after my recovery week, I been told that is normal for alot of people

Tanner is so cute

Marlene said...

Recovery weeks mess with my head sometimes.. but glad you are feeling better and that Tanner is adjusting!

Wes said...

whine away dear... we'll suck the negative influences out of ya like a Rainbow vac..... :-)

If Tanner needs a pal, my offer of 1-4 dogs stands!

Tri-James said...

I don't think I lost a single lbs during im training. Thankfully I know people that gained weight!

I stayed steady.

Judi said...

you have no days off? wow. i always had ONE day totally off and then a day with just a swim. o-well. i can't wait to see how big you go girl.

Karen said...

How cute is Tanner? Sometimes it seems like the off weeks are worst because I try to fit everything in that I didn't have time for during the training weeks. It is just a vicious cycle of not enough time! UGH.

Lisa said...

I think rest week messes with us!! I really do!

Anonymous said...

What a cutie Tanner is! I'm sure he'll make a great running buddy!

Stuart said...

When you're on the way up down weeks are always hard!

Colleen said...

it must have been something in the water... I was totally in a funk too!