Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Dash of Crazy

I once read somewhere that the true magic happens when no one is looking.

Last night I thought of this while I had my mini-tantrum on the side of the road in front of some strangers house. :)

Workout prescription:

1 mile warm up

1x1600 (zone4)

2 min recovery

2x800 (zone4)

2 min recovery

4x400 (zone4)

1 min recovery

20 min of various drills (hill repeat,kick-butts,high knees)

1 mile cool down

As I started out my legs were as heavy as I can remember. I pushed on. Just before the speed-work began my legs began to open up and I was feeling hopeful about the workout. Somewhere in the middle, following a drill, the tantrum happened. I stood in front of someone’s house and made noises…the kind that you think are just in your head until you realize they are being shared with the world around you. It was in that moment that the magic began. I sucked up the frustration of things and quickly got back to work. The burn was still there, my lunges were still working harder than ever, and I still had plenty of workout left but in all of this discomfort I am getting stronger…more focused….and kicking my own ass.

Now let’s see what magic will come today when I swim and bike. Will keep the tantrums to a minimum. People might start realizing I am nuts after all!



Matty O said...

Verbal tantrums huh? You don't want to run with me. I talk to myself, yell at myself, make fun of myself... I get a lot of weird looks when I run.

I will say, I love the burn though, that is what keeps me coming back to the trails to run :)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Nice work, you are so right, so many battles are won with no audiences

Marlene said...

Sometimes we need to have one of those moments to BREAK THROUGH. Killer workout - way to go, lady!!!

Wes said...

meh.... throw the tantrum, then get back on your horse :-)

Scott Keeps Running said...

you ARE nuts :)

Grey Beard said...

I like the handy note pad...lololol! Been doing that for years, and drawn a few looks.

Really great you were able to rally yourself and get on task. Those are the little things that competition teaches us separates winners and losers. More all the time, I am learning that applies to so many areas in life.

Ummmm, that camera must have a MACRO mode?