Friday, March 25, 2011

Saturday on Thursday

Each year the YMCA holds a cycle-thon for their open doors campaign. This year I joined in again and took it as an opportunity to also get my Saturday workout in since I knew of some challenges in the weekend ahead.

Here is how it went down –

BIKE - 2 hrs 15 min. – with a dash of 3 different instructors the time flew by! Having the bikes outside was such a treat. Each instructor tossed in tons of intervals, long climbs, and hard efforts. I made each and every effort count… just ask my legs..ha!

5 min transition and off I went on my run

RUN - 45 min. – there is a beautiful path that connects from the YMCA that leads you down into our city park. How could anyone not love the scenery surrounding you here? I went by my regular watch and not my Garmin. How freeing this was! I settled into a pace that felt somewhat comfortable and maintained it the entire run.

This was definitely one of my favorite training session to date. I all but ate my right arm off on the drive home. Scott had some new healthy casserole waiting when I arrived home. I ate 2 large portions. YUM!

Something new this weekend in training

1 hour continuous swim with minimal rest. A somewhat simulated open-water session – but in a pool setting. Any guesses on how far the hour will get me?



Karen said...

oh - that sounds fun! Like when you were in school and the class go to go outside. That is quite the lengthy spin class - great job :)

Dave said...

nice...I think I would go crazy with 3 hours on a spin bike....

Matty O said...

you = insane.

Yup, enough said.

Great session! I agree, I would have eaten anything in site after that haha.

keep up the good work, would kill for some of that weather right now!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I say 4500 yards

Nice work out, I been exploring the trails here on the run, the scenry beats anything a dreadmill has

Marlene said...

What an epic day! Would have been fun to see it in photos. ;)

Wes said...

fitness in da bank...

Bob said...

You are crushing it! I'll say 4000M.