Monday, March 28, 2011

Swimming with Mr.Torpedo

Swim on Saturday was written to be an OW swim. The temps and weather are just not there for me yet so I opted to do this simulated OW swim in the pool.

Written Session - 1 hour endurance swim with minimal to no rest at a perceived 1-2 effort

You can never swim at the Y without something crazy/strange happening. If it were not for the human torpedo I shared my lane with I think I would have swam without any stops. Mr. Torpedo stopped me TWICE just to say that he was sorry for kicking up the water in our shared lane. How a lanky, skinny guy can create so many waves puzzles me...still good practice since OWS can have some choppy challenges in itself.

Session results: 3100 meters with an easy effort. (stop time was under 2 min)

I was super surprised at how comfortable this swim felt. All of my workout have sets of (50’s, 100’s, 200’s etc.) that the thought of swimming non-stop was …well…. much easier than I imagined at this point in the game.

After my run on Sunday I closed out week #15. The time is flying by!!!!



Big Daddy Diesel said...

The pool is always an adventure

Matty O said...

Hahaha, did you actually thank him for the wave simulation?

Too funny.

I give the stink eye if anyone stops me in the pool. I am there to work, not take breaks LOL.

Way to go with Week #15

Wes said...

shoulda told lanky torpedo guy to make bigger waves :-) nice work!!

Marlene said...

Way to go on the strong swim!! Too funny that lanky torpedo man ended up making some waves for your OW simulation. ;)

Peter H said...

Need to educate yourself with pool tricks to deter swimmers.......and there are lots. Sort of stuff used in large open water and surf swims that rarely if ever is seen by officials.

Had to teach our daughter these tricks as she was subject to a few herself as she was commonly winning open water races against other teenagers [ male and female]