Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Name One Thing

There was a time in my life where I embraced the comfort of not reaching….trying…chasing after big dreams. How would I ever be able to fit in enough fitness to make a difference? Really my “reasons” where just big fat excuses that over time I even believed.

Training for this Ironman has really opened my eyes to what is possible. Not just in this sport but in life in general. I recall last year when a friend of mine had workouts every Friday and I thought to myself that there was NO WAY I would ever start my weekend off with a workout. Well that sure has changed. Funny thing is that my new normal makes a true off day seem strangely weird.

So what I thought would be my biggest challenges are not at all. What a nice surprise!

Think about it….what one thing do you hang onto that keeps you from being more than you are right now?



Marlene said...

I used to think "No way could/would I do that" about sooo many things. Look at us now! Incredible. It's cliche, but now I NEVER SAY NEVER!

Matty O said...

My landscaping company is keeping me from being more than I currently am.

Sucks up too much of my time and the kids I hire are worthless. Tried getting rid of it but I have more clients calling me for business this year. Could get ugly this summer :(

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Not winning the lottery!! In all seriousness, I never EVER thought I would be doing what I am doing now and where this adventure has taken me, its a blessing in disguise in more ways then one, when people hear my story, although I do not think its all that special, they are amazed how far I have come

Colleen said...

I love this. Ahh - and Friday workouts. Gotta love em right?

I always thought that I was a 10 minute mile runner. Always. Made it easy to know how far I had run. I never pushed myself. It took being okay with getting out of my comfort zone to know that I am the only thing holding ME back! :)

Wes said...

Ironman is definitely a catharsis, and you have only begun to scratch the service. I'm giddy for you :-)

Karen said...

oh, too many things to name... :) I think mostly my mental frame of mind gets in my way. The "I am not good enough, I can't do it" kind of thing. Annoying! I never thought I would run a marathon and now it seems like a piece of cake, you know? So odd how your outlook changes.

Runner Mom said...

I am so proud of you..my little Iron Woman friend!! It's all about being intentional and determined...in any area of our lives.

Thank you for your call and your love during this time. We are so blessed to have friends like you and Scott.
Love you!

Grey Beard said...

Fatigue - but when I committed to 100 mile weeks I found I toughened in to them, and that became manageable.

Challenging myself, with some tough Centuries, the TT challenge last summer, and the 100 mile weeks gave be back some of the fierce competitor I was decades ago.

My biggest revelation came in realizing that when things get tough, it's just as tough for my competition, and those who realize that, and know how many will give up who don't, have a HUGE edge if they just keep going.

Going to need all this to get back into shape, and deal with the shoulder pain, after 3 months off, but much better armed with these experiences in my arsenal than without.

You go girl!

Grey Beard said...

Matty O,
Merge with another small company, maybe one who has the mgt skills to get more out of younger workers, but less skill in other areas.

Stacey (aka Ultraprincess) said...

Great post.... Look forward to following your blog.