Friday, March 4, 2011

EPIC Sufferfest Showing

As suggested I drank two healthy size glasses of wine last night and I surprisingly feel much better today. Ha!

With the rain setting in this weekend a friend of ours has offered to host an EPIC SUFFERFEST showing in his pain-cave (garage). So with a mix of Local Hero, Angels, and Revolver we will suffer together for a 2hr and 30min trainer session. This combination will no doubt be much harder than the climbing ride we had originally planned.

So in store for the weekend:

Friday –Run

Saturday – Swim, Ride

Sunday – Run

Next week brings tons of fun things in store:

· Final tri fit adjustments. New stem has arrived.

· Change up in strength training routine. Always important to mix things up for continued improvements.

· Team Training Camp!! An entire weekend of coach lead training to cover every area of riding, racing, and training. I continue to feel very blessed to be riding with a team of such strong woman.



Marlene said...

See? Wine always does the trick. :) Enjoy all the workouts this weekend... well, as much as you can "Enjoy" a sufferfest.

injured_runner said...

Its a bike torture chamber. ;)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

"I continue to feel very blessed to be riding with a team of such strong woman." Editted for me to "strong riders"

I agree with you 100% with this, Team Roll has made me a biker that I thought I would never could be

Wes said...

sounds like a blast! up and at'em gurrrrrl!

Tri-James said...

Bring some extra towels - you will need them!

teacherwoman said...

The wine must be what I have been missing this week... doiy!

Runner Mom said...

have "fun!" We'll be up at Blue Ridge having "fun" watching the first track meet of the season. I am so ready for it to warm up!